Anna Sui for Target to Create Gossip Girl Looks

I read back in early May that Anna Sui will be teaming up with Target to bring us a collection of outfits styled after the female characters in Gossip Girl. I chose not to blog about it back then as I wanted to wait out and see what the outfits would look like.

Well, the look book got leaked so the outfits are now available for preview. Among some of the outfits:

A total of 19 looks will be debuted and the collection will be available in 250 selected Target stores come September 13 to October 17. To view the complete collection in a slideshow, click here.

Upon seeing the entire collection, I have to say I like 3 out of the 5 outfits for Blair. I only like one of the dresses for Jenny, which is featured above, the short sleeveless black dress. As for Vanessa, I only like the sleeveless ruffle top because I am a sucker for ruffles! I have to say that I am pretty disappointed with the outfits for Serena. I guess I expected more of Serena’s dresses to be in the collection but there’s only one and that is the one and only piece I like.

I hope these will be in my local Target store so that I can check them out in person and see if its worth spending money on the quality of these items.

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