All Black Inspired and Outfit for the Day

I saw this pic on Jak & Jill blog and I totally dig the look and style.

Heidi Mount and Sasha Pivovarova decked in Chanel. Simple and sleek and the accessories complete the look. Love the cat-eye liner, too. If only I actually bothered to put on make-up. Hah! Time spent on slathering make-up is better spent doing other things, to me. Not to mention, my acne-prone skin stands to benefit from unclogged pores with make-up. Yes, I know I can make up just about any excuse to not apply make-up. Don’t get me wrong, the undereye concealer and mascara are my routine but that’s bout as far as it goes. I am simply too lazy to be bothered although I have a bunch of make-up and can apply ’em when there is a need for it.

Okay, I digress! I rarely wear an all black outfit because I do not think it is flattering on me. I am skinny as heck and my tan complexion can do without black as well. Hence, I tend to shy away from black. Funnily, I find myself decked in all black today as I throw on a simple outfit to run some errands although I added a dash of color to it. Here’s what I wore:

Scarf: Club Monaco
Pin: Thrifted as posted here
Pants: Nike
Shoes: Banana Republic (Ebay find!)
Bracelet: Long chain thrifted from Goodwill (best accessory ever for $3!)
Bag: Quilted Satin Clutch from Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Special Items (Bonanzle find!)

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