A Failed Purse Design and Custom-made Chanel handbags

This failed purse design was brought to attention at one of the forums I frequent.

pic as submitted to failblog.org here

I truly wonder what the designer was thinking when he designed this bag and to have it executed like that. They say penny for your thoughts but I would give a dollar for the designer’s thoughts on this outrageous purse! But hey, I hope it brings laughter to you. Maybe that was the intention of the designer. Hah!

On another note, the Chanel store on East 57th St, NYC will be participating in the Vogue Fashion’s Night Out event on Sept 10. To find out more about the event, click here for the website.

Now back to the participation of Chanel in the event. There will be a VIP (by invite) event from 10 am till 6pm. After 6pm, the doors will be open to public till 10pm. There will be a cocktail party but most importantly, fellow lovers of Chanel will be able to order a custom-made Chanel bag.

There will be no premium price on the custom-make bags. The bags will be the same price for the Medium/Large size ($2695 + tax) and the Jumbo size ($2875 + tax) of the classic flap. Options for customization:

  • 5 colors of lambskin will be available
  • Choose your trim and lining of the bag
  • Silver or gold hardware
  • Monogram on the inside of the flap above the cc logo

The catch to getting this custom-make bag however, is the fact that you will HAVE to be in the store on that day to get customize the bag (and pay for it, of course!).

A similar event was held in Japan a couple of months ago and apparently the colors available were Black, Red (brick red), Orange (Hermes orange!), Navy, and Grey. The estimated time for the custom-made bag available for pick-up was between 4 to 6 months.

Now, this sounds great to many Chanel lovers who missed out on getting some hard-to-find bags especially for those who waitlisted on some of the bags but didn’t get a chance to buy the bags. I think its an ingenious way by Chanel to spur their sales in this economy, that’s for sure. I envision throngs of ladies in a long lines resembling the Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving) sales queuing up to get their hands on a customized Chanel bag. That is, unless of course you have all the right connections enabling you to score a VIP invite to the event.

If the chain of the bag can be customized, then yes I would love to get one of these customized bags (although goodness knows where I would find the money to pay but heck, we’ll figure that out later!) as the bijoux chain is just delectable. But since it isn’t an option, I don’t think I am missing out at all. Besides, I think the lambskin bags are a tad too delicate so my preference is the caviar for classic Chanel flaps. So, amen to that as I will sit back and enjoy the show.

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