The September Issue’s Opening Weekend

The September Issue’s Opening Weekend Is the Fifth-Best Documentary Debut in History

The September Issue opened in New York this weekend, and unlike fashion magazines these days, it raked in a heap of money. The movie grossed $240,078 in six theaters, for an average of $40,013 per screen. That makes it the second-best per-theater average of any 2009 release, according to indieWIRE. It also makes it the fifth-best documentary debut in history, behind 1995 IMAX featurette Across the Sea of Time, Davis Guggenheim’s An Inconvenient Truth, Michael Moore’s Sicko, and Paul Provenza’s The Aristocrats. But this is just New York. Will our friends in the middle of the country share the same appetite for La Wintour when it opens in other markets after Labor Day?

And even though Anna Wintour herself has probably seen the movie several times by now, with all the premieres and whatever private viewings she’s enjoyed, the editor–cum–movie star waited in line like a normal person to buy a ticket and see the movie in the theater. Gawker has a picture of her waiting in line, wearing cropped skinny jeans, beige flat loafers, sunglasses, and her perfectly tailored Fashion’s Night Out T-shirt. Anna Wintour: queen of fashion, borough visitor, and now guerrilla marketer! Maybe she’ll hand out Fashion’s Night Out flyers in Times Square during her lunch break? Twitter? She really is one of the people.

*article taken from NY Mag here*

I need to find out when this is coming to DC so I can catch it in the cinema! Now, now if Anna Wintour is going to stand in Times Square handing out flyers, I would definitely love to be there! Hah!

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