Totes for Fashion Gives Back from GLAMOUR

Glamour, the fashion magazine recently collaborated with six major designers for the Fashion Gives Back project. The designers, Jason Wu, Brian Reyes, Abigail Lorick (the real label behind Gossip Girl’s “Eleanor Walford Collection”), Bensoni, Alejandro Ingelmo, and Pamela Love have created a tote bag each exclusively for Glamour. Dress for Success, a charity helping out-of-work women get a new career will benefit from 100% of the proceeds.

So, curious to know how much you have to fork out for one of these totes? Well, they’re $35 each and it is available exclusively at Bloomingdales in NYC and at I doubt these will last for long, so get it before its gone!

Jason Wu (L) and Brian Reyes (R)
Abigail Lorick (L) and Bensoni (R)

Alejandro Ingelmo (L) and Pamela Love (R)

*source of article taken from here*

I personally love the tote designed by Brian Reyes and Alejandro Ingelmo. Which is your favorite?

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