Interesting Facts about High Heels

I received this in an email from my mum on the subject of high heels.

While many females would never leave the house in a pair of heels, I am one of the minority who could care less. Reason? Mainly because I am tall and do not need the extra height. I do however, admire high heels on other females and at times, I wish I wore them more often to justify purchasing them. But alas, I only wear high heels on a number of occasions in a year and for the most part, I could probably count them with both hands.

If you think the diagram above is crap, please feel free to ignore it. However, if you are one who pays attention to celebs, you will easily spot Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice’s feet in high heels at all times and it definitely has bunions on it. For instance, check out the “posture” of her feet in heels in the pic below:

Picture taken from here

You can clearly see that with feet in heels are pushing her body forward, resulting in all the aforementioned “injuries.” Are you a heels diva? If you are, you might just want to consider scaling back a little. As the saying goes, “all things in moderation.”

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