Birthday Gift Request

My brother called me at work today to wish me a belated birthday and told me to pick a birthday gift from Paris as him and my sis in-law will be spending a day in Paris before he departs back to Kiasu Island. He has been in south of France for training for the past 5 weeks.

I asked what his budget was and his response was, “don’t break the bank!” Ha, that’s a subjective answer, in my opinion. In any case, I have been wanting a classic watch for a while now and have also been pining for the Cartier trinity ring to add my list of classic items. While these two items have not been a main priority, they are must-haves on my list.

Cartier Trinity ring

So, what do I do? I looked up the prices of the items (my brother suggested that I look for them online and that he will call me tomorrow to get my response) and lo and behold, the watch that I want is only a $25 price difference from the Cartier trinity ring! Well, at least in the U.S. that is. I have always liked the Cartier Tank watch but the price in my opinion would be breaking the bank, so I am ‘settling’ for the alternative, the Longines instead which I actually like better anyways. Heh.

Besides, I went from 6 watches down to 2 at the moment. The rest have died on me and by that I mean having to retire them as no batteries can give them a fresh life anymore. Boo! Oh well, they have served me well over the years.

Longines Dolce Vita for ladies 

Mind you, my brother rarely buys me gifts so, when he is offering, I am definitely jumping at the opportunity! While some of you may wonder why not a Chanel or Hermes/insert-French-brand-what-have-you, I have no inkling for anything else other than these two big-ticket items, really. Okay, fine I might be lying if I say I am not lemming after another Chanel but the fact of the matter is that I am not pining for anything from the current season. The only Chanel handbags I’d like to own are from past seasons while I am not in love with any of their costume jewelry for this season.Granted, yes the Chanel pearls are lovely, they are in my opinion ridiculously overpriced and it is costume jewelry! I would much rather have Mikimoto or some real pearls instead for the retail price of a Chanel faux pearl necklace. Besides, I already have the CC logo faux pearl pin/brooch that I bought for myself from London last year.

Enough rambling for I may go on and on. Let’s see what my brother ends up getting for me. Perhaps both? Ha, wishful thinking!

p/s: My ever generous sister gave me cash to spend on shoes (because she is a big shoe-gal) for my birthday and perhaps one of these days I will get around to taking pics of it. Ha!

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