It’s Vintage!

Caption: It’s so cute, what a lucky find!

I find this hilarious as it reminds me of G’s stance on pre-loved, used clothing. We stopped by at Goodwill recently and the visit didn’t last long as he felt very uncomfortable in the store. As a frugalista, I consider vintage/consignment/charity stores to be a treasure trove. Granted, there’s hit and misses but hey, you never know. As the caption goes, what a lucky find! Heh.

Do you shop in vintage/consignment/charity stores?

2 thoughts on “It’s Vintage!

  1. inherforties

    I always intend to do more vintage shopping, but I always seem to never be there at the right time and I get discouraged. : I need to find a good consignment shop and go more frequent to develop a relationship with the SAs.

    Or at least that’s my plan. 🙂

    1. fauxionista Post author

      That is a good plan! That way, the SA can call you if they know something you like just came into the store and you might be able to score some treasure! Good luck & hope you find some vintage treasure soon!


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