Fauxionable Outfit – One Casual Outfit, Two Looks

Black & white are staples in my wardrobe and featured is a casual outfit paired with different accessories. Gold accented accessories to the left and silver accented accessories to the right.

Fauxionable Outfit - Black & White, Gold & Silver Accessories

  • Top: Banana Republic S/S 2009
  • Shorts: ZARA S/S 2011
  • Shoes: Off 5th Saks F/W 2009
  • Gold necklace: H&M 2012 (current)
  • Gold ring: YSL Clover Cluster Ring S/S 2011 (my sis’)
  • Gold watch: Michael Kors MK 5384
  • Silver necklace: Poplook
  • Silver bracelets: H&M 2011
  • Silver watch: Swatch circa 2000
  • Bag: Chanel Reissue Wallet on Chain F/W 2009

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