The Most Searched For Handbag Brands

According to the Luxury Society, handbags have become one of the most coveted items in luxury goods market.  The top 10 most searched handbag brands are as follows:

Top 10 Most Searched for Handbag Brands 2012

Quite frankly, I have to say that I am appalled that Coach is ranked no. 1 but at the same time, I can see how that is the case. While not entirely in the luxury category, it is still at a higher price point than regular bags, making it more “affordable” to those who covet to own a designer piece. Let’s just say I am not a fan of their bags even though the Fall/Winter 2012’s return to Legacy collection is a much better line than their monogram collection. (I am not a fan of monogram anything for the most part and tend to shy away from purchasing anything of that nature.)


Pic taken from Racked

Of the top 10 brands, I was expecting Hermes to be ranked higher and a little surprised that Celine didn’t make it to the list. The scarcity of the Luggage totes and Phantom bags has most fashionistas on waiting lists much like Hermes! I am not one of them though, as I am happy and content with my current capsule collection of bags. In fact, I just added one from one of the top 3. Can you guess which? (I will likely do a reveal when I receive it!)

Do you own any bags from the top 10 brands?

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