Currently Coveting… Jewelry!

I am working on paring down garments in my wardrobe and have put myself on a self-imposed ban. (Although, I did recently add a sweater to my wardrobe but I was replacing another sweater that is worn out.) As such, I have been shopping for jewelry to add to my collection instead. I have since added two bracelets, two rings, and a necklace to my collection!

In my opinion, jewelry is a great way to accessorize and complete an outfit. It is also a great way to add color or a delicate/edgy piece to reflect one’s style. As a person who considers herself to be fairly conservative style-wise, I find jewelry to be a great way to add some sparkle that isn’t screaming for attention. Here are some that I am currently coveting…

  1. Adia Kibur Multi-Stone Necklace $78
  2. Anthropologie Vespero Necklace $58
  3. Ann Taylor Pearlized & Jet Bead Statement Necklace $78 (use code THANKS for 40% off till Nov 26)
  4. Anthropologie Heirloom Cluster Posts $28
  5. Anthropologie Enamel Petal Posts $28
  6. Anthropologie Crystal Collision Posts $48

On a side note, I am selling the YSL ring I have here. I will also have more items up in the coming days as I purge my wardrobe. Do check it out! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Currently Coveting… Jewelry!

  1. Kerry

    So happy to see that the studs made your list! I haven’t been able to see them in person at any of my local Anthropologies, so I’m happy to hear that you were impressed with their quality in person!


  2. Maigen

    So funny! The same collision posts were also on my wish-list, so I was excited to see your comment on LCDF about the sale! Now I just have to justify spending money on myself {I have decided not to shop for me until January! Boo}! 🙂



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