Fauxionable Outfits for January!

Fauxionable Outfit - What to Wear Where: Fresh Start Fauxionable Outfit - Orange & Gray Argyle Fauxionable Outfit - Double Scarves, Double Floral Fauxionable Outfit - ZARA F/W Sales Outfit Fauxionable Outfit - Winter Rainy Day Fauxionable Outfit - Polka Dots & Red Fauxionable Outfit - ZARA Biker Leather Jacket Fauxionable Outfit - What I Wore to Work: The Blues & Red Fauxionable Outfit - Houndstooth & Pinstripes

I’ve decided that I’ll try to do a round up of outfits posted here at the end of each month (or early in the following month) to give myself a reminder on pieces sitting unworn in my closet as well as to draw inspiration on other styles to try, say by combining different pieces together. Well, from the looks of it, I’ve definitely favored my wool duffle coat a lot more than my wool trench coat in my outfits for January. Oh, and lots of red! 😉

p/s: Each pic is linked to the respective outfit posts. Oh, I am also submitting this post for consideration to be a guest blogger on FriChic. Wish me luck! 🙂

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