Wishing Wednesday…J Crew Scalloped Dress

J Crew Scalloped DressJ Crew Scalloped Dress $168

I love the scalloped hems of this J Crew dress as it reminds me of arts and crafts that I enjoyed when I was younger. I am however, not a fan of the darts on the back and if I were to design my ideal version, it’d be a hybrid of the J Crew Scalloped Dress and the Pim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped Dress.

Pim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped DressPim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped Dress $59

Well, my ideal version of the scalloped dress would have a fit and flare cut like the Pim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped Dress but with scalloped hems like the J Crew Scalloped Dress. I would also tweak the back to be cut in a little bit for a slight racerback look. Can you picture that in your head? 😉 Now that, would be my ideal version of a scalloped dress. Oh, and not at the price tag of the J Crew Scalloped Dress but preferably slightly less than the Pim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped Dress would be perfect! 😀 Perhaps it would help to learn how to sketch and sew? (right, if only!)

Which do you like? J Crew, Pim + Larkin, or my version?

*p/s: For those who, like me who love the Anthropologie Tropicalia Maxi Dress, it’s finally been marked down! I might have one on its way to me. ;)*

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