Wishing Wednesday… Elizabeth and James Merri d’Orsay Flats

Elizabeth and James Merri d'Orsay flatsElizabeth and James Merri d’Orsay Flats $325

While smoking slippers, a menswear inspired item became a fashion trend last year, I couldn’t quite get why. Perhaps I’m a classic girl at heart where my ballet flats are irreplaceable but these Elizabeth and James Merri d’Orsay flats has got me thinking twice. I love the cut of these flats as it is a little more unique than the regular smoking slippers. The straight cut across the front and the d’Orsay cuts on the side appeal to me. I find d’Orsay cuts to be sensual, just a peek of the skin (trust the French with fashion, will ya?). And it goes without saying that I have an affinity for faux or real exotic skin, so these flats are instantly elevated to “want!”

Sadly, I haven’t been able to find any in the high end departmental stores that I looked at to try my size. At this point, it looks like the best bet is to order them online, shipped to me. Well, the danger with going that route is that I might not want to return them if it fits! It’s easier to walk away from a store without making a purchase. 😉 I guess if I do order them, the full price should deter me from keeping them? Oh, the temptation.

Are you a fan of smoking slippers?

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