Fauxionable Outfit – Summer Colors!

Growing up, pink was my favorite color until prepubescent years hit and sports became my obsession. Out went pink and in came blue as my favorite color along with being tomboyish and obsessed with sportswear. My favorite Spice Girl? Yeap, Sporty Spice. I went through a phase where I refused to wear skirts nor dresses (tomboy, you know?) and it wasn’t until I started college that I would gradually wear skirts again.

While some things have changed (my Summer wardrobe is mostly skirts and dresses now), some have not. I still refrain from wearing or owning anything pink! I can count on one hand the amount of garments I own in pink and have fingers to spare. Well, today’s outfit is one of the few pinkish garment that I have. To me, it’s quintessential summer colors, all bright and cheery!

Fauxionable Outfit - Summer Colors bright pink

Fauxionable Outfit Summer Colors details yellow shoes pink dress

What are your favorite Summer colors, if any? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fauxionable Outfit – Summer Colors!

    1. fauxionista Post author

      Thanks, Iffa! It is thin narrow scarf, not really a belt. I just like using it as a belt to outfits for a pop of color. 🙂


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