Anatomy of a Bag

It’s no secret that I love bags and I loved seeing these pictures on how a bag is constructed. The first is an Hermes Constance followed by a Lady Dior and last but not least, the Balenciaga Le Dix. I’ll be quick to admit that while the first two bags were instantly recognizable, that wasn’t the case with the Balenciaga Le Dix. I’m just so accustomed to the Motorcycle bags for Balenciaga. Anything that veers away from that? I’m clueless. But well, I guess with a new creative director at helm comes new creations!

Without further ado, here’s the pretty pictures and you can read about the story for each bag by clicking on the respective links.

Hermes Constance parts

Hermes Constance

Hermes Constance desconstructed partsHermes Constance

Lady Dior deconstructed parts

Lady Dior deconstructed

Lady Dior

Lady Dior Lady Dior

Balenciaga Le Dix deconstructed parts

Balenciaga Le Dix

Le Dix model

Balenciaga Le Dix

Balenciaga Le DixBalenciage Le Dix

On a side note, I did not plan on abandoning my blog. Work however, got too crazy and I’m glad to be back now that the project is over and done with. Here’s to regular schedule again on this space! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Bag

  1. Katie

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos! I really love to see the craftsmanship behind fine leather goods. Congrats on finishing up your daunting project at work! I’m sure you’re relieved that it’s done.

    1. fauxionista Post author

      Always happy to share the good stuff! 😉 Thanks, Katie! Absolutely glad that it’s over and done with!


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