Wishing Wednesday… Something Blue!

Dean Harris Lapis Lentil EarringsDean Harris Lapis Lentil Earrings $950

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Yes, I’m still in wedding planning mode and although I already have my ‘something blue,’ these Dean Harris earrings would be fabulous to add to my outfit for my wedding attire! Now, who would like to buy these and be so kind to lend them to me as my ‘something borrowed’? 😀 Anyone..?

I will say that I did try looking for blue earrings and nothing within the price range I’m wiling to pay for (not more than $50) were remotely enticing or what I am looking for. I somehow stumbled across these and of course, it totally lives up to my champagne taste on a beer budget tagline! 😉

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