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From Rotterdam (posted here), we boarded our tour bus and headed to Delft. Our first stop was the Royal Delft Pottery. We were given a tour of pottery which included beautiful exhibits followed by a tour of the factory. Aside from seeing some of the artists at work, we were also able to view a demonstration on how the beautiful pottery is made from the scratch.(WARNING: Picture heavy post!)

Royal Delft Blue Netherlands

Royal Delft Blue Tiles

Royal Delft Plates

Royal Delft Blue China

Royal Delft Blue Painting

Clogs Royal Delft Blue

Artisan painting Royal Delft Blue ChinaOne of the artists at work

Royal Delft 2013 Christmas OrnamentsThe black ink turns blue after the heating process to seal the ink

Painted Tiles in Royal Delft BlueProcess of staining Royal Delft BlueMaking of Royal Delft tiles

Making of Royal Delft vaseMaking of Royal Delft vases

Royal Delft Blue China

Miffy Royal Delft Blue

Royal Delft Blue ChinaPretty porcelain items that one can purchase as souvenirs

After the tour of Royal Delft Pottery, we were taken to Markt, the main square in Delft also known as the market square. We were given a few hours (less than 3 hours, if I recall correctly) to have lunch and explore the town center. Our tour guide recommended visiting the Oude and Nieuwe Kerk, Old and New Church in the main square. There is a tower in the Nieuwe Kerk  that one can climb to get a bird’s eye view of Delft. G and I however, opted to take a leisurely walk in the main square checking out stores instead as we didn’t want to rush ourselves up and down the tower.

Delft New Church

Delft Town Hall Stadhuis

Delft Town Hall StadhuisDelft Town Hall (Stadhuis)

Royal Delftware Store

Cheese & More in Markt Delft

Delft China

Miffy magnets

Canal in Delft

Canal in Delft

Fall leaves

We enjoyed visiting Delft and would have loved to spend more time there. Alas, as with every tour group, time is limited so we had to reconvene and head to The Hague, our last stop of the tour. Stay tuned for the next post on The Hague! 🙂

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