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Feature Friday: Uniqlo and Ines de la Fresange Collaboration

Unlike H&M and Target collaborations, Uniqlo‘s are a little more low-key. That’s great because there wouldn’t be mad crowds and the unnecessary hype to go with it. From a business standpoint, one would rather generate the marketing frenzy for the collaboration. However, if the quality of the item ends up being mediocre or sub-par it’s equally bad business.

One of the latest collaborations by Uniqlo – with Ines de la Fresange – piqued my interest. The popular French/Parisian style favoring sartorial simplicity over the ostentatious is one that I adore. Ines de la Fresange, the author of Parisian Chic is often seen with her daughter in magazines or social media (e.g., Tumblr, Pinterest) as a style inspiration. Thus, I’m eager to check out the collection in person which will be available in select US stores come March 17 and UK stores on March 20.

Uniqlo and Ines de la Fressange collaboration

Ines has worked with Uniqlo to create 4 lines for the collection. The first, Petite Parisienne are garments in classic silhouettes with fun details while the second Bleu, Blanc Parisienne are basic garments in the popular red, white, and blue palette. Souffle Parisienne will be launched later in April and will consists of garments made from soft fabrics suitable for loungewear or working out. Last but not least, Note Parisienne completes the collection with garments in black. Little Black Dresses, anyone? 😉

Here are some of my favorite picks although some are already sold out online (in the UK)!

Uniqlo x Ines de la Fresange collaboration Cotton Lawn DressINDF Cotton Lawn Dress £39.90

Ines de la Fresange x Uniqlo Shirts Petite ParisienneIDLF Shirts ranging from £19.90 to £29.90

Ines de la Fresange Uniqlo Silk ScarfIDLF Silk Scarfs £9.90

Last but not least, I love the outfits that Ines paired for this video. Enjoy!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

Wishing Wednesday… Givenchy Obsedia Wrap Bracelet in Shargreen & Python

Givenchy Obsedia  Three Row Triple Wrap BraceletGivenchy Shargreen & Python Wrap Bracelet Ivory and Black

If the Givenchy Obsedia wrap bracelet looks familiar to you and you think you have seen it on here before, you’re right! 😉 G was wonderful to give me one for my birthday last year. (I wore it here.) I am still pining for this python version since it never went on sale. (Or perhaps it did in store but not online.) This season, Givenchy is releasing a version of the Obsedia wrap bracelet in a combination of both shargreen and python leather. Be still my beating heart!

I’d love to get my hands on one but as with all things exotic leather, the price is always sky high. Retailing at £425 ($606) in the UK and $710 in the US, it’s a bit much unless I’m able to find it marked down significantly later in the season. If not, perhaps I’ll console myself with this instead come sale season. It will match my engagement ring, so that’s a valid excuse right? 😉

Wishing Wednesday… Smythson Panama Passport Cover

Smythson Panama Passport CoversSmythson Panama Passport Covers £115/$148

It’s no secret that I love traveling (our wedding was travel-themed!) and I have been wanting to add a fun passport cover to jazz up my travel necessities. While I previously received a beautiful neutral Mulberry passport cover, I want something bright and fun. Something that would stand out, making it easy to find in my bags.

I have been a tad obsessed with Hermes of late, eager to add some of their beautiful bright accessories to my collection. Their green, bamboo for the Spring/Summer collection is a gorgeous shade of green, that is bright with yellow undertones. While I love Hermes, I’ll be quick to admit that most of their prices are not within my beer budget. Moreover, finding an item you want in the color you want albeit it being in season is a crazy goose chase. If you see an Hermes item you like, it’s best that you buy it right there and then for chances are you’re not likely to be able to find it again at a later date (which doesn’t bode very well with my hemming and hawing over purchases). Since I couldn’t find what I want, I ventured into Smythson a few doors down that had fun, bright colors for their Panama collection displayed on their window. Well, I’m happy to say that I love the Smythson Panama passport cover that I found in a gorgeous shade of green, similar to Hermes’ bamboo. The textured saffiano-like leather also makes it more durable, which would make it great for traveling. I like the yellow too, but I think the green would be better in the long run as I think the lighter shade might be more prone to dirt.

Smythson Panama Passport Cover Emerald Green Details Details of Smythson Panama Passport Cover in Emerald (Boarding Pass on the left, Passport on the right)

I love the discreet branding on bottom of the back cover and the sleeve pockets for a passport and boarding pass. Minimal yet functional, just perfect for me. At £115, it’s slightly cheaper than Hermes but unlike Hermes, Smythson goes on sale! 😉 Guess who’ll be buying one when sale season arrives? Btw, this would make a great gift for your world traveler bestie. 😉

Do you use any cover for your passport?

Wishing Wednesday… Burberry Bespoke

It’s been a while since I last did a Wishing Wednesday post! I’ve been working on culling my wardrobe since my move from across the pond and I’m slowly trying to assess what, if any items do I need. While today’s post isn’t so much about a need, it’s definitely a want even though I do have a trusty trench coat. Check out the clip below (if you’re on the home page you may need to click the post title to see the movie player):

I must have been living under a rock, for I only recently discovered Burberry’s Bespoke trench coats. (They were launched in November 2011.) The name however, is misleading since it’s customized and not really made from scratch per se.

Burberry Bespoke Trench CoatMy personalized Burberry Bespoke trench coat

On Burberry’s website, one can choose to customized their very own Burberry Bespoke trench coat.  There are six designs to choose from, of which one can then customize the length, fabric, color, lining, collar, buttons, belt, and monogram. Each additional item has a different price which is tallied to the total as one goes through the various customizations.

Customized lining for Burberry Bespoke Trench CoatRed Cashmere Lining

For my Burberry Bespoke trench coat, I would chose the Kensington style in longer length with a detachable warmer lining in red cashmere. The detachable lining would be a great add-on as I can then wear this coat even during rainy days, which is aplenty here in London!

Monogram initial for Burberry Bespoke trench coat

I would keep the rest as is and would only add my last name as initials for monogram. The trench coat however, is still far from perfect for me as I would ideally like a detachable hood. Yes, I love hoodies and they’re totally functional to me! Alas, folks at Burberry probably thinks it takes away from their classic trench coat, making it less classy. Oh well, a girl can dream… 😉

Making of the Prada Double Bag

Prada Double Bag in BluettePrada Double Bag $2650/£1630

Newly launched on February 12, the Prada Double Bag caught my eye while I was browsing bags in Selfridges with a friend last week. The Double Bag is aptly named, as it is a bag within a bag. The internal divider with a flap pocket can be removed and used as a clutch. (Similar to Mulberry’s Willow Bag although designed differently.) (UPDATE: The internal divider sadly isn’t removable.) The Double Bag that I saw was a basic black which I thought, would make a good workhorse tote. The red interior lining adds a subtle dash of color for those who prefer neutrals without being overpowering. As a practical person, the weight of a bag is a high priority for me, and this Prada Double Bag is almost feather light despite the interior leather lining. The saffiano leather is also durable and wears well over time. Should you be interested, it comes in two sizes. There is however, a drawback as the handle strap won’t go over my shoulder when wearing a coat.

Like the bag-obsessed person that I am, I couldn’t help but look up more details upon reaching home. Here’s some pretty pictures that I came across on the making of the Double Bag. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. (Bag nerd, much?)

Anatomy of Double Bag

Prada Interior Flap Pocket

Stitching of Top Handle Prada

Stitching of Handles Prada

Prada Double Bag Button

Making of Prada Double Bag

The Double Bag comes in a rainbow of colors and you can view all the iterations here. Can I just add that I’d totally be counting pennies to purchase this bag if I was in the market for a basic durable black work tote? Alas…