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Wishing Wednesday… Peace

Peace ScrabbleSource here

My apologies for the lack of posts last week. The events that occurred coupled with other activities in life got the better of me. As such, for this week’s Wishing Wednesday, I am wishing for nothing but peace in the wake of the bombings in Boston and Texas. I lived in Boston briefly in the past, so that hit a little close to home. I am also aware of the rape case of a 5 year-old in India, the earthquake that happened in Sichuan, China last week and the countless civil strife that occurs in the Middle East on a regular basis. Yes, people die each day,  from various causes but in my opinion, it’s a great tragedy when one chooses to woefully inflict harm and violence upon others with their inhumane actions.

We now live in the 21st century with great technological advances and it saddens me that instead of ushering a new era, a culture of peace, there are a few amongst us who still cling on to a culture of war, as though it’s the early 20th century.

Peace quote be calm in your heartSource here

I find the quote in the image above to be apt. Peace isn’t found in a secluded mountain hilltop but truly in the depths of our own lives amidst the curve balls that life throws at us. To be able to make peace with ourselves, to emanate the calmness and serenity from within us and to empower others to do the same is, in my opinion the action that we need to take. Until each one of us are at peace, there will be no shortage of conflicts, wars, and violence. Today, I would like to encourage you to learn more about creating a culture of peace in this world that we live in and let us all win over violence through dialogue.

**Disclaimer: I am not a member of the non-profit organization Creating a Culture of Peace but I am of the same opinion with regards to the values that they extol on non-violence and creating peace in our communities.

A Smythson Panama Notebook Giveaway

During my recent trip home, I received lots of red packets/envelopes (hung bao) from Chinese New Year and a few gifts from my family and loved ones. Among one of the gifts I received is this lovely Smythson Panama Notebook. While I love stationary, (I used to collect pretty writing pads, erasers, sharpeners, and pencil boxes when I was kid!) I have embraced the digital age with a tablet, the HTC Flyer. It has a stylus pen that enables me to jot down notes or doodle without carrying paper or a notebook around with me.

Smythson Notebook Purple

Smythson Notebook Giveaway

Smythson Panama Notebook GiveawaySmythson Notebook valued at $80

Prior to having a blog, I would have opted to regift this to a friend or sell it on eBay. I am a practical person and would rather other people enjoy what I have no use for then to keep it for sentimental reasons. Now that I have a blog, I would like to give this Smythson Panama Notebook to one of my awesome readers!

To enter, kindly leave a comment as to what you currently like or what you would like to see more of in future posts. For additional entries, feel free to follow me on one of the social network platforms that I’m on (Twitter, Bloglovin’, Google+ and Facebook). A winning entry will be picked on April 21, 2013. 🙂

Thank you & good luck!

Disclosure: This item was NOT sponsored by Smythson and the person who gave it to me is not in any way affiliated with the brand.

If Shoes Could Kill…

Ha, I wonder who even bothers visiting this page anymore (if ever!) but a friend sent me a link to this website and some of these shoes are just WOW. Yeah, like I’m rendered speechless. Check it out for yourself…

The iron stiletto for the lady of Iron Man, anyone?

This just reminds me of step ladders and the legs of ironing boards!

Oh, hey! The new take on minimalism?

Chains, anyone? You know, they go well with the whole punk rock chic and studs look that is so on trend now.

Last but not least, umbrellas to protect your dainty stilettos, sandals, pumps, what-have-you when the sky opens up and pours. No need for rain boots and wellies, no more! Ha!