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Anatomy of a Bag

It’s no secret that I love bags and I loved seeing these pictures on how a bag is constructed. The first is an Hermes Constance followed by a Lady Dior and last but not least, the Balenciaga Le Dix. I’ll be quick to admit that while the first two bags were instantly recognizable, that wasn’t the case with the Balenciaga Le Dix. I’m just so accustomed to the Motorcycle bags for Balenciaga. Anything that veers away from that? I’m clueless. But well, I guess with a new creative director at helm comes new creations!

Without further ado, here’s the pretty pictures and you can read about the story for each bag by clicking on the respective links.

Hermes Constance parts

Hermes Constance

Hermes Constance desconstructed partsHermes Constance

Lady Dior deconstructed parts

Lady Dior deconstructed

Lady Dior

Lady Dior Lady Dior

Balenciaga Le Dix deconstructed parts

Balenciaga Le Dix

Le Dix model

Balenciaga Le Dix

Balenciaga Le DixBalenciage Le Dix

On a side note, I did not plan on abandoning my blog. Work however, got too crazy and I’m glad to be back now that the project is over and done with. Here’s to regular schedule again on this space! 🙂

Recent Acquisitions

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I found the Valentino Noir Rockstud while I was in HK and it was slightly cheaper than the retail price here in the US (difference about $50). They had both the flats and the kitten heel version although the latter was more than retail here. I tried on the kitten heel version and it was comfy like flip-flops! As it was a big ticket item, I handed them back to the lovely sales assistant in Lane Crawford and went on my merry way. G was very sweet and offered to buy them as a gift knowing how badly I wanted them. I pondered on them for a few days before finally deciding to purchase them the day prior to us leaving. Alas, there was none in my size when I returned to the store to purchase what I wanted. 🙁 My sis and G was kind enough to entertain me as we made a mad dash to Joyce and Valentino stores in hunt of the Noir Rockstuds. Nope, nothing to be found, they were all sold out. Only Lane Crawford had them but none in the size of what I wanted.

Well, as I’ve been obsessed with these shoes for a while (what an understatement!), I knew the few sites that still had what I want. Better yet, I was able to find a discount code which made the price difference slightly less then the retail price in HK! Woohoo! Thank you, G! 😀

Valentino Noir Rockstuds dustbag

Valentino Noir Rockstuds Matte LeatherValentino Noir Rockstud in Matte Leather

On a recent trip to H&M to return a pair of printed pants (I’ve yet to find a pair that fits for a price I’m willing to pay), I found few more rings to add to my collection.

H&M gold rings ala Balenciaga Octopus ringH&M gold rings $5.95 and Octopus ring $3.95

The gold rings reminded me of the infamous Balenciaga rings that were featured on the S/S 2013 runway.

Balenciage Gold Rings S/S2013 Spring Summer Balenciaga Gold Rings S/S 2013

H&M gold rings ala Balenciaga s/s2013H&M gold rings

I had previously seen the ASOS version of these rings (silver here) and resisted to buy them but these H&M ones were hard to resist at their price point! As for the lil Octopus, it reminded me of the late Paul the Octopus. It was also budget-friendly for Miss Frugal here, so I bought it without further thought. 😉

H&M gold octopus ring PaulH&M gold Octopus ring

Can you guess which pair of Noir Rockstud I got? (I had previously posted about them here.) I’ll definitely be posting outfit pics featuring it in the near future! 😉

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Guest Post: Obsessed with Shoes!

Fauxionista is my sibling and I will be contributing sporadically.

It could be genetics, I have been fascinated by shoes since I was a child. With one parent who loves shoes in all colors and forms, it likely encouraged my fascination. The fact that I spent some years working in a retail department store added to my love of shoes … perhaps to a point of obsession.

I decided that today being Friday, is a good day to indulge that obsession. All of us know a good pair of shoes not only keep our feet happy but should be a way of our self expression. The right shoes will compliment your whole look whether for business or leisure.

Shoes make me happyTaken at a mall in Singapore by Fauxionista

Some of you may be bundled up with the cold weather but here is a selection from Spring 2013 which I hope will kick off the weekend on a good note.

Balenciaga Origami Sandals Spring Summer 2013Balenciaga

BCBG Max AzriaBCBG Max Azria

Nicolas KirkwoodNicolas Kirkwood

Rebecca Taylor SandalsRebecca Taylor

Suno sandalsSuno

Badgley Mishka SandalBadgley Mischka

Kate Spade WedgesKate Spade

Rodarte SandalsRodarte

Happy Friday to all!