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Travel – Birthday Vacation: Bath Part II

I was hoping to post this sooner but somehow I just didn’t get the chance to do so. Without further ado, here’s the rest of the snapshots of Bath from our second day in the charming quaint town! (WARNING: Picture heavy post!)

We started the day by having breakfast at Cafe Retro. As with all things shopping and travel, I usually like to do my research ahead of time. A mere search of best breakfast in Bath led us to Cafe Retro and I have to say I agree with the reviews. The Retro breakfast was good and just nice for me along with a cup of tea. (Yes, I’m one of those who has high metabolism and people think I starve myself!) G opted for poached eggs on toast instead.

Cafe Retro Bath UK England

Cafe Retro Bath England UK

Retro full english breakfast Cafe Retro Bath England UK

Poached Eggs on Toast Cafe Retro

After a hearty breakfast, we headed to the Fashion Museum. We had purchased a saver ticket for £16.25 at the Roman Baths Museum to visit both attractions that saved us £4.25 each. (Since my 45mm prime lens has such great zoom, I resorted to using my Samsung S3 for snapshots while in the museum. G joked that I have to stand in the next town to snap photos throughout the trip. Heh. Any other photos that are smaller in size and slightly grainier are also taken using my S3.)

Fashion Museum Bath, England UK

Assembly Rooms Bath England UK

Fashion Museum Bath England UK

Fashion Museum Bath England UK

Fashion Museum Bath England UK

Fifty Fabulous Frocks Fashion Museum Bath England UKClick to view the image in original size

Erdem red satin dress navy overlay lace

Fashion Museum Bath England UKClick to view the image in original size

Chanel Wool Black Skirt Suit

Fashion Museum Bath England UKClick to view the image in original size

Alexander McQueen Lace Dress Ivory

Fashion Museum Bath England UKClick to view the image in original size

Burberry Prossum Fashion Museum

At the museum, one can also dress up in Victorian clothing for photo ops (for ladies and gents but I didn’t snap any photos for the gents. :P)

Victorian dress up Fashion Museum Bath England UK

Victorian Bonnets Fashion Museum Bath England UK

Fashion Museum Bath England UK

Dress of the Year Dior Fashion Museum Bath England UK

After the Fashion Museum, we went to the Thermae Bath Spa which was a good way to wrap up our visit to Bath by relaxing. Since we took the train from London to Bath, we were able to take advantage of their promotional offer of 4 hours for 2 hours where we paid £36 per person and another £9 per person for renting a towel, robe, and a pair of slippers. I didn’t take any pics while we were there but here’s one from their website.

Thermae Bath SpaRooftop pool of the Thermae Bath Spa

We chose the New Royal Bath session and my favorite was the Minerva Bath. The view on the rooftop pool was amazing with the green and ancient buildings but the English weather is really whacky! It was cloudy when we dipped into the pool and then the sun came out and shone brightly followed by pelting rain! This cycle repeated itself over the course of a little over an hour while we were at the rooftop pool. Needless to say, I enjoyed the indoor Minerva Bath a little bit more. While G and I tried all four of the Aroma Steam Room, I can’t say that I’m a fan as it made me feel a tad queasy after a while in the steam room.

We went to dinner at The Real Italian Pizza Company as G is a pizza lover. We spotted the restaurant earlier when we had breakfast at Cafe Retro as it was only a few doors down.

The Real Italian Pizza Company Bath England UK pizza and canneloniPizza for G and cannelloni for me

For dessert, G had some ice-cream from The Real Italian Ice-Cream Company which was right next door to the pizza restaurant while I opted to check out the Fudge Factory.

Fudge Factory Bath England UK

Caramel Apples Fudge Factory Bath England UK

Sweets and chocolate Fudge Factory Bath England UK

With some time to spare, we headed to Marks & Spencer for some shopping and soon after we bade farewell to Bath. I am however, looking forward to visiting again as there were still other attractions that we didn’t get to.

Bath Spa train station

Hope you enjoyed the pics and I’ll try to post other pics from my trip up soon. For more, read Bath I and check out other pics I took at the Fashion Museum here. Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂

Travel – Birthday Vacation: Bath Part I

Hello from London! G and I took a quick getaway to visit Bath the day after I arrived. It was a short train ride (1.5 hours) from London and we stayed for a night. I enjoyed exploring the charming quaint town filled with rich history. It was a memorable trip and I look forward to returning for another visit! (WARNING: Picture heavy post!)

London Paddington Train Station

London Paddington Train Station

London Paddington StationLondon Paddington Station

Bath Water is Best

Red ATM Cash Machine Paypoint England

Lane towards St Andrews Terrace

Doors in Bath

St Andrews Terrace

As we were wandering around, we came across Cafe Lucca where we ended up having lunch. We both had the herb grilled chicken where it was essentially pesto with grilled chicken and it was just delicious! Thinking about it makes me want some now. Heh. I also really like The Loft that is adjunct to Cafe Lucca, a store that sells clothes and homeware.

Cafe Lucca and The Loft

Desserts at Cafe Lucca BathCafe Lucca

Flowers Cafe Lucca

Cafe Lucca

Cafe LuccaThe Loft

Itchy Feet BathItchy Feet, store right across from The Loft & Cafe Lucca

After lunch, we headed to the Jane Austen Centre and I got to learned more about the author although I admit that I’ve never actually read any of her books but I’ve definitely watched the movie adaptations.

Jane Austen Center Bath, England

Gay Street across from Jane Austen CenterJane Austen Centre on Gay Street

While heading to the Roman Baths after visiting the Jane Austen Centre, we stumbled upon Scarlet Vintage. I found out about the store from Tuula Vintage’s post and was eager to check out what they have in store. Sadly, I didn’t find anything but they definitely have a nice selection of scarves.

Scarlet Vintage 5 Queen Street, Bath

Scarlet Vintage 5 Queen Street, BathScarlet Vintage

Bath Abbey

Bath AbbeyBath Abbey

Bath Guildhall MarketBath Guildhall Market

Sign post Bath


Keep Calm and Carry On and On

Bath is of course famous for the Roman Baths, so the trip wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t visit! Some snapshots from the museum and the Baths.

Roman Bath Museum

Roman Baths Museum

Roman Baths Museum

Head of Minerva Roman Bath Museum

Roman Baths

View of the Abbey from the Roman BathsView of the Abbey from the Roman Baths

Dinner was next after we got done exploring the Roman Baths and we went to Hall and Woodhouse, a restaurant that was recommended here. I loved the leek and mushroom quiche that I had but G thought the burger was nothing to shout about. I also ordered a Scottish egg to share and we’ve never had it so we thought it would be nice to try something different. Sadly, our taste palettes didn’t quite like it. We felt the herbs that was used was little too strong and overpowering.

Beer selection at Hall & Woodhouse BathSelection of beer at Hall & Woodhouse

Dinner spread Hall & Woodhouse BathOur dinner spread at Hall & Woodhouse

And that was our first day in Bath! More pictures to come for our second day!

Hope you’re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! 🙂