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Wishing Wednesday… Helmut Lang Era Blazer

Helmut Lang Era Blazer Black

Helmut Lang Era Blazer $529 on sale (currently additional 50% off!

As someone with wide shoulders and a smaller waist, I often have to size up for jackets and outerwear. I decided that I would try designer labels instead since most high street labels such as H&M and ZARA don’t fit too well. Well, I came across this Helmut Lang Era blazer and I fell for it! I love the minimalist aesthetic without lapels and the asymmetric hems on the front. The 3/4 sleeves also add character to the blazer. (What black boring blazer, you say?) To me, this is a classic black blazer that can be dressed up or down. It may not be the suit blazer that one might wear for a job interview (although that depends on the industry that one is in, but I tend to err on the conservative side of dressing) yet I think it’s a classic piece that’s a worthy investment.

I was psyched to find it on sale at Intermix but the only size left was a 2 and it was final sale. Not familiar with Helmut Lang sizing, I quickly went to the store the next day in my neighborhood to try on the Era blazer in Burgundy which they had in store. Alas, I fit into a 4, not a 2 (once again wide shoulder problems!) but the blazer actually fit pretty well for the 4. When buttoned, it was looser than I’d like but I figured a quick fix for it – moving the button and sewing it further from the original placement. The Era blazer however is sold out company-wide in Black for all sizes other than a 2. 🙁 My only hope now is to wait patiently for it to go on sale on the Helmut Lang site itself. Cross your fingers for me, will ya?

p/s: I did however purchased something else… something black, and also a jacket! It arrives tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to take pics of it this weekend! 🙂

Celeb spotting: Blake Lively

Blake Lively who plays the character Serena Van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl dresses just as well like her on-screen character. Here she is spotted at the ‘You Know You Want It’ publication celebration in stylishly trendy thigh-high perforated leather boots paired with a simple button-down white shirt and a mandarin collar blazer with slight shoulder poufs. I suspect her watch is a black J12 which goes perfectly with her ensemble.

*photos were taken from here*

I think she looks absolutely fabulous! What do you think?

ZARA blazers and Outfit for the Day

ZARA is one of the high street labels that I adore. Along with H&M and Forever 21, ZARA is the place to go to pick up trendy items. However, when it comes to finding the right blazer that would fit, none of these places have anything for me. Why? Simply because I have wide shoulders and a body shaped like a piece of plank. I also normally have to go one or two sizes up for a blazer/jacket to fit my wide shoulders. As such, finding the right blazer or jacket has always been a task for me as whenever the garment fits my shoulders, it would be far too loose elsewhere. In order to find the right fit for a blazer/jacket that would flatter my shape, I usually have to revert to higher end designers i.e. Calvin Klein, Theory and Elie Tahari.

During the recent semi-annual ZARA sale, I decided to try on one of their many blazers on sale even though I was expecting it not to fit since I have tried one too many times. But lo and behold, the blazer that I tried had a great cut and fit on me. It was a basic black blazer in the boyfriend cut so I snagged it on sale for 50% off. Additionally, I found the much coveted Balmain inspired blazer in the store and decided to return the next day to snag one as mentioned here. I have since returned the studded blazer and nabbed a different blazer instead.

I first laid eyes on this knitted gray blazer prior to the sale and was hoping for it to be marked down. Alas, it wasn’t but since I really like it and know that it would be versatile to be easily worked into my wardrobe, I bought it full price. Yes, you read that right, for FULL PRICE. I guess that just goes to show how much I like it since I am a scrooge and a bargainista. The much adored blazer is my outfit for today.

Blazer: ZARA
Top: H&M peacock print top as posted here
Shorts: The Limited (from TJ Maxx)

Shoes: Banana Republic (Ebay find)

Necklace: H&M and white gold chain with a star pendant
Watch: Swatch
Bag: Marc Jacobs Palais Royale flat case