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Fauxionable Outfit – Winter Rainy Day

Here’s an outfit for a Winter rainy day. Yes, I’m without an umbrella because it isn’t pouring rain but drizzling and misty!

Fauxionable Outfit - Rainy Day

Fauxionable Outfit - Rainy Day Michael Kors MK 5384 Cartier Trinity Ring Hermes Kelly Double Tour H&M J Crew Giraffe Polka Dot Scarf

Burberry Rubber Riding Boots

I bought these Burberry Rubber Riding Boots back in F/W 2010 and they have been serving me well. I admit to neglecting them a tad since I bought the Cole Haan Dorian Boots which can double as a pair of snow boots and is slightly more comfy with the Nike Air technology. But these boots are too pretty not to be worn and since I vowed to decrease cost per wear for my garments this year, here they are for an outfit pic! 🙂

Are there items that you neglect over newer purchase? Do share!

Fauxionable Outfit – Maroon & Black

It’s finally back to regular programming of my outfit! Heh. Here’s one to attend client meeting today.

Fauxionable Outfit - Maroon & Black

Anyway, it’s good to work from home after client meeting today. I was able to take outfit pic and work without much disruption. Happy Friday eve everyone!

Outfit for the Day

Here’s something simple for a quick run to campus to meet with my adviser yesterday:

Tank top: Benetton
Blouse: H&M
Cargo pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Banana Republic (Ebay find!)
Necklace: White gold necklace with star pendant
Bracelet: Long black beaded necklace from Uganda as posted here
Bag: Marc Jacobs Christy in Bordeaux as posted here

Window Shopping and Outfit for the Day

Every so often I like to go window shop at the high-end departmental stores i.e. Saks, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus to check out the latest and sale items they have in store. I haven’t been to the high-end stores since my birthday at the end of May, so I decided to hit them up today as I was curious to check out the new Fall/Winter collection items. Specifically, I wanted to check out the new Marc Jacobs scarves and bags and of course Chanel is a must! Heh. However, the Marc Jacobs scarves weren’t in store yet and there weren’t many bags from the new collection on display either. I did however, checked out the gold and bronze reissue colors for Chanel’s Fall Act I.

Here’s what I wore for my window shopping trip…

Top: H&M
Blazer: ZARA
Shorts: The Limited (from TJ Maxx)
Shoes: Banana Republic (Ebay find!)
Bag: Marc Jacobs Christy in Bordeaux as posted here
Necklace: Forever 21 and white gold necklace with star pendant
Bracelet: Glass beaded necklace as posted here
Brooch: Chanel as posted here
Watch: Swatch

As you can tell, my black ballet flats are a staple and I consider it to be my signature style. While shoe browsing at Bloomingdales, a lovely sales assistant asked if my shoe size was 8.5/9 to which I responded “Yes!” He told me they received a pair of Chanel flats as a return and if I wanted to try it on. Without much hesitation, I said “Yes, pls!” I mean, Chanel is my weakness! The pair of capped two tone ballet flats was lovely and very classic but a tad too small. Even if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be purchasing it coz the price is just Chanel, you know?

Chanel Two Tone Ballet Flats (pic nicked from Ebay seller authentic.lv)

I also tried on the new Ferragamo bow ballet flats which was lovely but the leather was rather stiff. I think I like the Varinas a bit better coz they fit snugly and I didn’t want to take them off the last time I tried it!

Ferragamo Bow Ballet Flats (left) Ferragamo Varina Ballet Flats (right)

As I browse around, some of the Sam Edelman shoes captured my eyes. I didn’t try them but I like these two pairs and would probably check them out come sale time!

A Reveal…

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday evening!

Can you guess what it is?

I have been lusting after the Marc Jacobs Christy (named after Christy Turlington)bag ever since I missed out on it during its debut season in S/S 07. The Christy became part of the new Classic Collection bag beginning that season and it caught my eye and tugged at my heartstrings. I love the look of the other Classic Collection bags but as a practical person, I cannot quite fathom myself carrying a bag that weighs at least 2.5 lbs even when it’s empty! And that’s where the Christy comes in. It’s a shoulder bag, a hobo which weighs much lighter in comparison to the other Collection bags making it perfect for me, Miss Practical.The Christy in Navy which was part of the S/S 07 collection was a deep electric blue, the perfect blue in my opinion. When contrasted with the gold hardware, it was a match-made in heaven (so cheesy and cliche, I know) but alas, I only realized its existence far too late. By the time, I fell for the bag, it was no longer to be found in any of the high end departmental stores. My only bet was Ebay and boy, did I stalk and troll the ‘bay like a hawk. Of course when it did made its appearance, it was WAY out of my price point and so I sat on my hands and watched the Christy in Navy float away.

Marc Jacobs Christy in Navy

Come F/W 07, the Christy came in Bordeaux, a gorgeous shade of deep red and I pondered about getting it when it went on sale. It would be more versatile than the Navy but I I reminded myself to keep my eye on the prize, the Navy of course and decided to let it slide. When I did come to my senses and tried tracking one down, it was history repeating itself. GONE! Will I ever learn my lesson? Perhaps not, since I am such a scrooge and I believe that if it is truly meant to be, it will be mine in the end. Heh.

Since then, I have always dreamt about the Christy and wondered if I would ever find it. I also began to wonder if it was practical to have a blue bag and how often I would wear it. I came to the conclusion that I probably would not be able to carry it as much and perhaps the Bordeaux might have been a better alternative.

Last week, I found this baby on the ‘bay from a lovely forum member for a great price. Can you guess which Christy is it?


Marc Jacobs Christy in Bordeaux from F/W 07

At over 70% off the retail price of $995 in mint condition albeit pre-loved, I am happy with my purchase although I think the Navy might just be the oneafterall. Someday I will find you elusive Christy in Navy! For now, I am going to enjoy this lovely Bordeaux.So, do you like my new baby? Heh.