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Wishing Wednesday… Burberry Bespoke

It’s been a while since I last did a Wishing Wednesday post! I’ve been working on culling my wardrobe since my move from across the pond and I’m slowly trying to assess what, if any items do I need. While today’s post isn’t so much about a need, it’s definitely a want even though I do have a trusty trench coat. Check out the clip below (if you’re on the home page you may need to click the post title to see the movie player):

I must have been living under a rock, for I only recently discovered Burberry’s Bespoke trench coats. (They were launched in November 2011.) The name however, is misleading since it’s customized and not really made from scratch per se.

Burberry Bespoke Trench CoatMy personalized Burberry Bespoke trench coat

On Burberry’s website, one can choose to customized their very own Burberry Bespoke trench coat.  There are six designs to choose from, of which one can then customize the length, fabric, color, lining, collar, buttons, belt, and monogram. Each additional item has a different price which is tallied to the total as one goes through the various customizations.

Customized lining for Burberry Bespoke Trench CoatRed Cashmere Lining

For my Burberry Bespoke trench coat, I would chose the Kensington style in longer length with a detachable warmer lining in red cashmere. The detachable lining would be a great add-on as I can then wear this coat even during rainy days, which is aplenty here in London!

Monogram initial for Burberry Bespoke trench coat

I would keep the rest as is and would only add my last name as initials for monogram. The trench coat however, is still far from perfect for me as I would ideally like a detachable hood. Yes, I love hoodies and they’re totally functional to me! Alas, folks at Burberry probably thinks it takes away from their classic trench coat, making it less classy. Oh well, a girl can dream… 😉

Fauxionable Outfit – London Winter Rain

I have previously posted a Winter rain outfit, but here’s my London version as the trench coat is more waterproof than a wool coat. Since it’s still rather chilly, I layered a leather jacket underneath the trench coat for added warmth. I may have less layers on my lower half but rest assured, I have warm long socks underneath those rain boots!

Fauxionable Outfit - London Winter Rain

Fauxionable Outfit - London Winter Rain

Fauxionable Outfit - London Winter Rain

ZARA Biker Leather Jacket Cable Knit Sweater

Chanel Reissue 2.55 Wallet on Chain WOC Hermes Micro Rivale Kate Spade Skinny Mini Bow Ring

Burberry Rain Boots

Fauxionable Outfit – Winter Rainy Day

Here’s an outfit for a Winter rainy day. Yes, I’m without an umbrella because it isn’t pouring rain but drizzling and misty!

Fauxionable Outfit - Rainy Day

Fauxionable Outfit - Rainy Day Michael Kors MK 5384 Cartier Trinity Ring Hermes Kelly Double Tour H&M J Crew Giraffe Polka Dot Scarf

Burberry Rubber Riding Boots

I bought these Burberry Rubber Riding Boots back in F/W 2010 and they have been serving me well. I admit to neglecting them a tad since I bought the Cole Haan Dorian Boots which can double as a pair of snow boots and is slightly more comfy with the Nike Air technology. But these boots are too pretty not to be worn and since I vowed to decrease cost per wear for my garments this year, here they are for an outfit pic! 🙂

Are there items that you neglect over newer purchase? Do share!

Anja Rubik Off Duty

Yes, I’m substituting my lack of outfit pics with another post of others’ outfits! (It was yet another misty foggy morning when I left the house.) I’ve always have a soft spot for Anja Rubik who enjoys pushing the envelope. Her off duty looks here are relatively classic though.

Anja Rubik Off Duty

Anja Rubik Off Duty

Pictures taken from The Fashion Spot

I’m definitely loving her Burberry leather jacket in the second row. It really makes me want to finally get one for my wardrobe!

Which model’s off duty looks do you adore, if any?

Rain Boots/Snow Boots

I have been holding back from purchasing a pair of rain boots for the longest time, EVER (since arriving here in 2007, really). I just couldn’t quite justify the need for a pair although it rains quite a fair bit here in DC. I’d always be fine but today, once and for all, I believe I need to own a pair of rain boots.

Why? Because I came into work with puddles in my ballet flats! Just a short walk from the Metro to work (a 10 min walk) was all it took to convince me that I need to just dig in, do the whole cost per wear thing, and just buy a pair! Of course, I was just looking at rain boots last week and was pondering about it. My snow boots are dead (sole no longer has much grip, if at all) and a good solid pair of rain boots should be able to work as snow boots.

I went to Bloomingdales in the mall on Friday and tried on these two pair of Hunter rain boots. The regular in Graphite ($115) and the Croc Boa version ($225).

Hunter Rainboots Wellies
Regular Hunter Rain Boots ($115) & Croc Boa Hunter Rain Boots ($225)

I have a soft spot for exotics and even though these were only croc-embossed, I liked them but just couldn’t quite justify spending that much upfront for a pair of rain/snow boots. My sister of course, being the devil that she is (not to mention a shoe-holic) proceeds to lecture me on cost per wear. Well, that is not new to me but somehow I just have a hard time paying that much upfront. I know, it is a mental hurdle!

In any case, the next day I receive an email from one of the high-end departmental stores on the new items from Burberry and since I had previously lusted after a pair of rain boots from them, I decided to take a peek. Ha, bad idea! I fell for their new rain boots.

Burberry Riding Rain Boots ($275)

Would you blame me, though? I have always had an affinity for equestrian boots and this pair just tugs at my heart strings upon first sight. Also, the loop on the top is just so stylish yet it can be a classic. Yes, I am a classic girl at heart through and through. Heh.So, what do I do? The cogs and wheels starts spinning in my head, plotting on how best to purchase a pair of high-end rain/snow boots for the least amount of money. Saks was naturally my first choice as I have a Mastercard with them which equates free shipping and there isn’t a store in DC which means I should be able to get it tax-free. Also, I have some points accumulated from my other credit card which I could easily convert to a gift certificate to Saks to help offset the retail price.Next, I went to the Saks website and oh, bother. I find another pair of rain boots from Givenchy that tugs at my heart strings. Bah! It is very similar to the pair of Burberry above.

Givenchy Tall Rain Boots ($250)

It has the same equestrian look similar to the pair of Burberry with the exception that the loop is right at the ankle, giving it a more classic look as compared to the pair of Burberry. However, the Burberry is made from washed leather while the Givenchy is made from rubber and there’s only a $25 price difference between them. Hmm..I think it is time to order both pairs and try them and perhaps decide from there. What do you think? Which pair do you favor? Input much appreciated!