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Fauxionable Outfit – What I Wore to Work: Stripes & Pleated Skirt

During my dress collection phase, I would buy dresses that fall within my budget with details that I liked. I quickly realized that as much as I liked a dress, sometimes it doesn’t really like me back in that it doesn’t flatter my boyish/straight figure. The Club Monaco dress below is an example of that.

Club Monaco Silk Chiffon Pleated Dress in OrangePicture via Google images

I love the color, pleats (told ya I can’t resist pleats much!) and the silk chiffon fabric. Yet, the V neckline only emphasized what a long neck I have, not too mention that I don’t have much in the chest area! Since I was in a pleated skirts phase (still am, actually but just more controlled for now), I decided to have the dress altered to become a skirt. I brought it with me on my recent trip back to KL and my friend’s tailor altered it for a whopping $5! (Thanks, J for your recommendation and help!) Here’s my first outfit debuting the dress-turned-into-a-skirt, which I wore to work.

Fauxionable Outfit - What I Wore to Work: Stripes & Pleated Skirt orange, black, Adia Kibur black stone bib necklace statement

I’m also linking this post with Mix & Match Fashion’s What I Wore to Work for today. Happy pre-Friday! 🙂

Fauxionable Outfit – Another Burgundy Sweater

I couldn’t quite resist this H&M turtleneck cable knit sweater although I had just not too recently bought the similar round-neck version. Of course the price made it easy to decide whether to buy or not. I found it at the clearance section for $10 and I happened to have a $5 gift card from a promotion that they had. $5 for a sweater? Sold. Might I add that it kept me warm and cozy? 😉

Fauxionable Outfit - Another Burgundy Sweater

  • Turtleneck: H&M F/W 2012 (similar)
  • Dress: Club Monaco S/S 2008
  • Tights: Falke (gift from a friend)
  • Boots: Ann Taylor Betty Riding Boots F/W 2011
  • Coat: Uniqlo Blanket Wool Duffle Coat F/W 2011 (similar)
  • Gloves: TJ Maxx F/W 2011
  • Bag: Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Flat Case S/S 2008
  • Necklace: Gift from mum
  • Rings: Cartier Trinity Ring & H&M 2006
  • Bracelets: H&M 2010
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK 5384

Fauxionable Outfit - Another Burgundy Sweater Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Flat case Michael Kors Mini Runway MK5384 Cartier Trinity ring

Yes, I am mixing my metals in this outfit with one hand in each! I think it’s subtle and it worked. What do you think?

Fauxionable Outfit - Another Burgundy Sweater

I am also experimenting with animated gifs in an attempt to make outfit posts a little more fun and here’s my first creation!

Animated gif zipping Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Flat Case

What do you think? Yay or nay? If you enjoy it, perhaps you’ll see more animated gifs in future posts but if not, then likely not. Do let me know. 🙂 Hope you have a great week ahead!

Fauxionable Outfit – Blue & Red

Aside from black and white, blue and red is another combination that I favor (see here, here, and here). This outfit is yet another travel uniform with the essential jeans and turtleneck. I usually pair this dress with tights but decided to pair it with jeans instead, styling it more as a tunic than a dress.

Fauxionable Outfit - Blue & Red

Fauxionable Outfit - Blue & Red ZARA Biker Leather Jacket Padded Shoulder

Are you a fan of blue and red combo? 🙂

Fauxionable Outfit – Black & Tulle

The weather seems to be rather temperamental but since it will be a warmer day today, here’s a Fall outfit sans jacket or coat.

Fauxionable Outfit - Black & Tulle Club Monaco Olga Tulle Skirt Marc Jacobs Little Stam

Fauxionable Outfit - Black & Tulle Accessories, Marc Jacobs Little Stam, gold bow earrings, Michael Kors MK 5384, Forever 21 faceted black flower ring

  • Top: Banana Republic S/S 2010 (similar)
  • Skirt: Club Monaco S/S 2011
  • Boots: Banana Republic 2007
  • Bag: Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Milk Resort 2007
  • Necklace: Marc Jacobs Special Items 2007
  • Earrings: Local gold jeweler in Malaysia (similar)
  • Ring: Forever 21 2008 (similar)
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK 5384

Fauxionable Outfit – The Little White Dress

While most females consider a little black dress aka LBD to be a classic staple in their wardrobe, I consider the little white dress, LWD to be a classic instead. I have my reasons for it; since I am skinny, I shy away from wearing too much black for fear of vanishing into thin air! Thus, I prefer white for the most part and needless to say, I have quite a fair bit of white clothing.

Summer is quickly drawing to an end and here I am trying to maximize my LWD wear by accessorizing it with two different sashes…

Fauxionable Outfit - YSL Gold Cluster Clover ring, Chanel Reissue Wallet on Chain WOC, Michael Kors MK5384

  • Dress: ZARA S/S 2010
  • Sash: Ann Taylor 2006 (black & white) & Club Monaco 2009 (red & white)
  • Shoes: ZARA S/S 2011 exclusive to Malaysia & Singapore
  • Bag: Chanel Reissue Wallet on Chain F/W 2009
  • Earrings:  Bought from Uganda
  • Ring: YSL S/S 2011 (sis’)
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK 5384

Do you have a LWD?