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To Keep or Not to Keep?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I’m mulling over whether to keep few items from the recent ZARA sales. The items in question are the Wool Dress and the High Waist Skirt which are both marked down almost 40%. While I like the dress, I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping even at the marked down price. (Champagne taste on a beer budget, much?) Caring for the dress however, is relatively fuss free as it can be machine washed. (The dress is made of 50% polyester, 21% viscose, 20% wool, 7% polyamide, and 2% elastane).

ZARA Wool Dress Fall/Winter 2013ZARA Wool Dress on sale £69.99/$129.99

ZARA Gray Wool Dress Front and Back Fall/Winter 2013

That aside, I’m also wondering if keeping the skirt would be the better way to go since it is more versatile. The drawback to the skirt however, is that there isn’t a zipper, so it isn’t the easiest to put on and take off! In addition to that, the skirt calls for hand wash (not my favorite thing to do!) as it is made of 69% polyester, 29% viscose and 2% elastane.

ZARA High waist gray circle skirt Fall/Winter 2013ZARA High Waist Skirt on sale £29.99/$49.99

So my dear readers, as I continue to ponder over which item to keep, I’d like to hear you chime in the comments below. Thank you!

Wishing Wednesday – ASOS Wiggle Dress in Border Wallpaper

ASOS Wiggle Dress in Border WallpaperASOS Wiggle Dress in Border Wallpaper $71.27

I haven’t been posting much of late, especially with my Wishing Wednesday series as I haven’t had much desire to shop. Well, ZARA is having their semi-annual sale and I didn’t buy a single item! That should tell you how bad it is as I almost never resist ZARA on sale. Yet, surprisingly here I am holding up my self-restraint with all the crazy sales going on. I guess having to spend for my wedding has turned me off from wanting to shop and add to that an impending move, which means wanting to par down belongings instead of adding more. I digress however, as I have been thinking about this ASOS Wiggle Dress in Border Wallpaper, patiently awaiting for it to go on sale.

While I am not generally a big fan of prints, let alone clashing prints, there is something about this dress that draws my attention. The complimentary colors of the clashing prints makes the dress less revolting, if I dare say so. Whatever it is, it has captured my attention and the fact that it has pockets? I’m sold! Besides, I don’t have any dresses in that style, a boat neck dress with sleeves and pencil skirt silhouette. The longer hemline is also a plus in my books as I prefer my clothes to be work appropriate since I spend a third of my weekdays at work.

Well, since I won a $50 American Express gift card from work last week, I’ve been pondering on what to spend it on. Since I haven’t been wanting much, I even thought about just being practical and using it for groceries! (sounds so crazy, right? ;)) Fret not, for I finally decided to pull the trigger today since ASOS is having a 20% off full items sale in conjunction with July 4th (Use HAPPYFOURTH for the discount). Now, to wait for the pretty dress to arrive. I promise to do a review when it arrives!

Wishing Wednesday…J Crew Scalloped Dress

J Crew Scalloped DressJ Crew Scalloped Dress $168

I love the scalloped hems of this J Crew dress as it reminds me of arts and crafts that I enjoyed when I was younger. I am however, not a fan of the darts on the back and if I were to design my ideal version, it’d be a hybrid of the J Crew Scalloped Dress and the Pim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped Dress.

Pim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped DressPim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped Dress $59

Well, my ideal version of the scalloped dress would have a fit and flare cut like the Pim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped Dress but with scalloped hems like the J Crew Scalloped Dress. I would also tweak the back to be cut in a little bit for a slight racerback look. Can you picture that in your head? 😉 Now that, would be my ideal version of a scalloped dress. Oh, and not at the price tag of the J Crew Scalloped Dress but preferably slightly less than the Pim + Larkin Nantucket Scalloped Dress would be perfect! 😀 Perhaps it would help to learn how to sketch and sew? (right, if only!)

Which do you like? J Crew, Pim + Larkin, or my version?

*p/s: For those who, like me who love the Anthropologie Tropicalia Maxi Dress, it’s finally been marked down! I might have one on its way to me. ;)*

More ZARA F/W Sales Loot!

Over the weekend, I picked up two more sale items when I went to return the pair of Alexander Wang Liya knock-off heels. As much as I love the heels, the pair that I received had scuffs on one of the front toe box and one of the heels. I had left them sitting in the box wondering if I should keep them and on the last day for returns, I finally decided to return them albeit a heavy heart. I’ve decided that I should only keep purchases that I will not have to worry about or regret about it months later. Thus, back it went.

Flaws on ZARA heels

I will admit that ZARA is my weakness and I can never leave the store without checking out what’s in store even if I do not plan on making any purchases. Heh. Well, I ended up picking up these two items on sale – ZARA Cross Over Jacket with Leather Lapels ($99) & ZARA TRF Draped Bird Print Dress ($25.99).

ZARA Draped Bird Print Dress and ZARA leather lapel biker jacket

ZARA Draped Bird Print Dress and ZARA leather lapel biker jacketZARA Cross Over Jacket with Leather Lapels $99

ZARA TRF Draped Bird Print DressZARA TRF Draped Bird Print Dress $25.99

As much as I like this jacket, I am wondering if I am overdoing the biker jacket trend since I had just bought the ZARA biker leather jacket here. There were only two left in the store, one of which happened to be my size but am I purchasing with my sale goggles on?

As for the bird print dress, I couldn’t resist the adorable print! Besides, I do not have any dress in a similar style and needless to say, the price was right, too. 😉 Now, to keep or return the jacket?! Your input is much appreciated! 🙂

Disappointed with Jason Wu for Target

I had patiently been awaiting for the release of Jason Wu for Target and decided to set the alarm early to try and score some items online. But I reckon since the chaos with Missoni for Target (which I could care less about), everyone has been on crazy hunting mode as the items I wanted were all sold out when I logged on online at 5:35am EST on Sunday morning of the release. Boo!

Out of the four items that I wanted, I was only able to purchase the black pleated skirt courtesy of a super kind colleague who was able to nabbed one for me as she went to the store early in the AM to find some Jason Wu pieces for herself.

Jason Wu for Target Pleated Skirt in Black

The skirt actually fits true to size and it’s flattering on my boyish figure. I think it’s a classic staple piece and I see myself wearing it a lot. For $29.99, I think it is a decent price and it is well-made as the skirt is actually lined with a pretty thick lining.

Jason Wu for Target Navy Poplin Dress

However, I am disappointed that above all, the piece that I REALLY wanted was nowhere to be found. The navy poplin dress was a complete sell out and it seems that the smaller sizes were rare like gems! As a fan of dresses in the 50’s era, I like this dress as it fits the bill nicely with the swing skirt and the pleats as well as striped hem appeals to my classic style. Alas, I can only dream of this dress as I absolutely refuse to pay the atrocious prices for the dress on eBay and hiking to a Target store is a great hassle. Oh well, I guess I will just have to live vicariously through those who were able to score one!

Were you able to score any Jason Wu items?