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Fauxionable Outfit – Embroidered Coat

Today marks the first day that I busted out my coat for Fall this year. This light coat was purchased from my trip back to motherland in 2009/2010 (as posted here).

Fauxionable Outfit - Embroidered Coat, beige, navy, brown, orange

      • Shirt: Vintage (bought this 12 years ago!)
      • Skirt: BCBG Max Azria (hand me down from sis)
      • Coat: From local boutique in Malaysia
      • Belt: H&M 2012
      • Shoes: Banana Republic S/S 2006
      • Bag: DvF via TJ Maxx 2006
      • Earrings: From Uganda (posted here)
      • Watch: Michael Kors MK 5384

Fauxionable Outfit - Embroidered Coat Accessories & detail

Close up shot of accessories

Since I’ve been making an effort to blog about  my outfits, I have been trying to be more creative and wearing everything in my wardrobe instead of sticking with the tried and true. The navy shirt is an example. I can’t remember the last time I wore it prior to today and I’m leaning of sending it to the donation pile since it isn’t a flattering fit. What do you think?

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Fauxionable Outfit – One Top, Two Looks

I have received compliments on this embroidered flower top from ZARA each time I wore it, that it merits outfit pics. First, the dressier version…

Fauxionable Outfit - ZARA Embroidered Top Formal, Jason Wu Target Black Pleated Skirt

  • Top: ZARA S/S 2012 (as posted here)
  • Skirt: Jason Wu for Target (as posted here)
  • Shoes: ZARA S/S 2011
  • Bracelet: H&M 2012
  • Ring: Forever 21 circa 2008
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK5384

Followed by the more casual version…

Fauxionable Outfit - ZARA Embroidered Top Casual Bass Carla Ballet Flats

  • Top: ZARA S/S 2012
  • Shorts: H&M 2008
  • Shoes: Bass Carla in Stone (as posted here)
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK5384
  • Bracelet: Beaded necklace from Uganda (as posted here)
  • Ring: Forever 21 circa 2008

You’ll notice that I’m not carrying any bag as I absent-mindedly forgot to take it with me to shoot pics of my outfits. For the dressier version, I paired it with my Chanel WOC while the casual version was paired with my Marc Jacobs Palais Royale pouch.

Which look do you prefer? Thanks for reading!

ZARA Spring/Summer 2012 Sales Loot

I was able to score most of the items that I patiently awaited for sales at the price that I am willing to pay for. No dresses this time around but I am adding 3 pretty tops to my wardrobe!

Embroidered top $39.90 (knock-off version of LV’s S/S 2012)

Tiered blouse $35.99

Peter Pan shirt $19.99

I was hoping that I would be able to find the polka dot silk shirt in my size on sale but alas, there were none in the store nor any to be found online.

Polka dot silk shirt

Oh well, I am happy with my sales loot and have no complaints (especially when someone plays Santa in July for one of the items!). I absolutely love the embroidered top and have received many compliments when I wore it for the first time. It is definitely a classic in my books!

What did you score from ZARA’s S/S 2012 sale, if any?