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Wishing Wednesday… Helmut Lang Era Blazer

Helmut Lang Era Blazer Black

Helmut Lang Era Blazer $529 on sale (currently additional 50% off!

As someone with wide shoulders and a smaller waist, I often have to size up for jackets and outerwear. I decided that I would try designer labels instead since most high street labels such as H&M and ZARA don’t fit too well. Well, I came across this Helmut Lang Era blazer and I fell for it! I love the minimalist aesthetic without lapels and the asymmetric hems on the front. The 3/4 sleeves also add character to the blazer. (What black boring blazer, you say?) To me, this is a classic black blazer that can be dressed up or down. It may not be the suit blazer that one might wear for a job interview (although that depends on the industry that one is in, but I tend to err on the conservative side of dressing) yet I think it’s a classic piece that’s a worthy investment.

I was psyched to find it on sale at Intermix but the only size left was a 2 and it was final sale. Not familiar with Helmut Lang sizing, I quickly went to the store the next day in my neighborhood to try on the Era blazer in Burgundy which they had in store. Alas, I fit into a 4, not a 2 (once again wide shoulder problems!) but the blazer actually fit pretty well for the 4. When buttoned, it was looser than I’d like but I figured a quick fix for it – moving the button and sewing it further from the original placement. The Era blazer however is sold out company-wide in Black for all sizes other than a 2. 🙁 My only hope now is to wait patiently for it to go on sale on the Helmut Lang site itself. Cross your fingers for me, will ya?

p/s: I did however purchased something else… something black, and also a jacket! It arrives tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to take pics of it this weekend! 🙂