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Fendi 2Jours Harrods Limited Edition

Since quite a few of you enjoyed this post, I figured I should post this video that I found from here. It shows the making of the Fendi 2Jours bag, one that is exclusive for Harrods, a limited edition. For those of you in London, there’s an exhibition, The Handbag Narratives at Harrods that ends today! Catch it if you can!

I have also previously posted on the making of different bags, here, here, and here. Enjoy! 🙂


Fendi Spring/Summer 2010

I may not be a big fan of Fendi but fact remains that Anja Rubik is the face for the Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign and therefore, I am posting pics from the campaign. Anja is one of the few models that I adore. She is originally a brunette and had long hair but a makeover has definitely shot her to fame. She now sports a blonde short-do like Agyness Deyn but I personally prefer Anja over Agyness as Anja is more subtle.

Below are pics from the Fendi Spring/Summer 2010 ad campaign shot by Karl Lagerfeld featuring Anja Rubik…

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

I know I personally can’t quite get enough of her sharp features. Those cheekbones and that nose.. *hearts*