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J Crew Giraffe Charm Necklace

While I’m on a self-imposed clothing ban, I have been shopping for accessories instead and I bought the J Crew Giraffe charm necklace during the Columbus Day sale at Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets while my family was here visiting. I had previously spotted the necklace when I was there with a friend back in June as I helped her shop for work outfits. I didn’t buy it then as I didn’t think it was worth shelling more than $20 for the necklace (retail price $24.50). My friend however bought the Elephant charm necklace!

Fast forward to Columbus Day weekend, all the stores were having sale and it was 25% off all jewelry at the store. That meant it was less than $20 and I gladly bought the necklace! (Yes, I’m a little weird as I set caps on categories of items and for the most part refuse to pay more than my cap budget.)

Without further ado, here’s the adorable giraffe…

J Crew Factory Enamel Giraffe Charm Necklace

Close-up details of the J Crew Factory Giraffe Charm Necklace

J Crew Factory Giraffe Charm Necklace

J Crew Factory Giraffe Charm Necklace $14.50

The adorable necklace comes with a small dust bag. Although the necklace is cheaper online, there is a shipping charge of $4.95. However if you don’t have a factory outlet near you, your best bet would be to order online unless you reside outside of North America whereby eBay would be your best bet instead.

I have worn this necklace numerous times and have received many compliments on it. By far the necklace looks brand new and I guess time will tell if  the gold plating will tarnish or fade. For now, I’m happy with my purchase!

Also, to give a back story as to why I adore this necklace (or more accurately why I adore giraffes), I was nicknamed as one since primary school (elementary school). I was always one of the tallest in class, if not the tallest, thus my friends promptly nicknamed me giraffe. I’ve since have an affinity for it! Heh.

Do you have a particular animal/creature that you have an affinity for? Kindly share!

Shopping Haul from Uganda

So I just returned back to “civilization” bout 2 weeks ago. I had been living and working in Uganda for 16 weeks for a fellowship. I was really good with curbing my shopping temptations 99% of the time until it came time to leave. Yes, time to buy souvenirs and guess what? I think I ended up spending more money on myself than on getting souvenirs. Hah! Anyway, enough rambling. Let the pics do the talking!

Jungle-themed earrings and ring

Bone earrings in the shape of giraffes

Bone earrings in the shape of tusks
Two black necklaces – one glass beaded and the other beaded
Close up of the glass beads

Close up of the beads which looks just like black raspberries!

Red earrings with a heart lucky charm given to me by Miss A.

Close up on the red earrings
Red stone jewelry set
Red stone earrings

Close up of the red stones

White beaded sandals

Close up on the white beads