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Wishing Wednesday… Givenchy Obsedia Wrap Bracelet in Shargreen & Python

Givenchy Obsedia  Three Row Triple Wrap BraceletGivenchy Shargreen & Python Wrap Bracelet Ivory and Black

If the Givenchy Obsedia wrap bracelet looks familiar to you and you think you have seen it on here before, you’re right! 😉 G was wonderful to give me one for my birthday last year. (I wore it here.) I am still pining for this python version since it never went on sale. (Or perhaps it did in store but not online.) This season, Givenchy is releasing a version of the Obsedia wrap bracelet in a combination of both shargreen and python leather. Be still my beating heart!

I’d love to get my hands on one but as with all things exotic leather, the price is always sky high. Retailing at £425 ($606) in the UK and $710 in the US, it’s a bit much unless I’m able to find it marked down significantly later in the season. If not, perhaps I’ll console myself with this instead come sale season. It will match my engagement ring, so that’s a valid excuse right? 😉

Travel – Birthday Vacation: Exmouth

On my birthday, we spent the morning in London before we took the train to visit G’s relatives in Exmouth for a few days. G spoilt me with some delicious macarons from Pierre Herme and a bracelet from Givenchy. (Thank you, G!) (WARNING: Picture heavy post!)

Birthday presents - Pierre Herme macarons and Givenchy braceletGivenchy Obsedia Triple Wrap Bracelet in RedGivenchy Obsedia Triple Wrap Bracelet

I had been obsessing over the python Givenchy Obsedia bracelet for a long time at Barney’s and it either wasn’t marked down or it did and sold out in no time. I’d always stalk it online, patiently awaiting for it to go on sale but alas, no such luck. I was pleased to finally find one in a color that I liked and G happily bought it for me as a birthday gift in advance! (trust me, I count my blessing every day and am very grateful to have G who spoils me!)

Pierre Herme macarons London landmarksPierre Herme macarons

Pierre Herme macaronsDelicious macarons from Pierre Herme that we bought the day before from Selfridges

For my birthday, my only request was to have some macarons to celebrate since I had received my gift in advance. I had heard a lot about Pierre Herme and from the reviews I read, it is touted to be better than Laduree. I was curious to have some and G allowed me to pick as many as I’d like. Since I liked the London Landmarks box, I got to pick 16 macarons! I had one of each, as there were 13 flavors to choose from and doubled up on the chocolate, Matcha green tea and salted caramel. My favorite flavor was the Matcha green tea. I love that the macarons were not too sweet and it melted in my mouth. I had to pace myself and not eat all 16 of them during our train ride from London to Exmouth. Let’s just say it took me a lot of self-restraint!

Caterpillar birthday cake My caterpillar birthday cake

Caterpillar cake and teaMy slice of birthday cake and some tea after the long train ride

Upon arrival in Exmouth, I was treated to my own caterpillar birthday cake! G had told them in advance that it was my birthday. G’s cousin and his family whom we visited has a household tradition whereby caterpillar cakes are a must for birthdays. I felt very loved! After some cake and tea, we were given a brief walking tour of Exmouth.

Beach Sign

Exmouth Festival 2013Exmouth Festival 2013

It was Exmouth Festival when we visited and we got to listened to a couple of songs by one of the many bands that performed. Sorry, I forgot the name of the band! We then took a stroll along the seafront.

Exmouth, Devon seafront seaside coast

Exmouth Devon England seafront seaside coastBeautiful seafront

seagull England Devon

Exmouth Pavillion

Wishing Well Rotary

Exmouth Lifeguards

Exmouth Fun Park

Exmouth Fun Park Swan Boat Rides

Swan Boats Exmouth Fun Park

Exmouth Children Swing

Carriage Cafe Exmouth

Next we proceeded to walk along the neighborhood near the seafront and look what I found! The White House followed me to England! 😉

The White House in Exmouth Devon EnglandSpot the rainbow Exmouth Devon EnglandSpot the rainbow!

It was a beautiful day on my birthday and after the little tour from G’s cousin, we had a BBQ cookout to end the day. Needless to say, I had a wonderful birthday and am so thankful to G and his relatives for making it a special day!

UPDATE: Here are the other pictures of Exmouth as promised.These were taken on our last day in town as went to check out the Marina.

The Beacon Vaults in Exmouth Devon England

the Beacon Vaults Exmouth Devon England

Fats Exmouth

Exmouth Devon England Marina Exmouth Marina

Exmouth Marina bridge Devon EnglandBridge at the Marina

Boat tour company Exmouth Devon England

House with yellow door Exmouth Devon England

Exmouth War MemorialExmouth War Memorial

For more pictures of Exmouth you can find them here. I also have more snapshots of Topsham and Exeter (that I will blog about in a separate post), which we visited during our short stay in Exmouth. Please stay tuned!

Fauxionable Outfit – Maxi Dress Layering

Ever since I found maxi dress to be flattering on me, I’ve been trying to wear them more often. I packed one with me on my birthday vacation and wore it layered under tops, which was great for the cooler temps in England. Here’s my maxi dress layering outfit worn on my birthday as we went to visit G’s cousin and his family in Exmouth by the coast. Coincidentally, I bought this H&M maxi dress on my birthday last year!

It was really windy by the seaside and I had G snapped multiple shots with the wind billowing at my maxi dress so that I can create an animated gif for my outfit pic. 😉 I’m linking this post with Marionberry’s Trend of the Month: Maxis so do check out how others are wearing their maxi dresses or skirts. 🙂

Fauxionable Outfit - Maxi dress layering H&M Givenchy Obsedia bracelet ZARA biker jacket leather Kate Spade Keds gingham

Happy Hump Day!

Rain Boots/Snow Boots

I have been holding back from purchasing a pair of rain boots for the longest time, EVER (since arriving here in 2007, really). I just couldn’t quite justify the need for a pair although it rains quite a fair bit here in DC. I’d always be fine but today, once and for all, I believe I need to own a pair of rain boots.

Why? Because I came into work with puddles in my ballet flats! Just a short walk from the Metro to work (a 10 min walk) was all it took to convince me that I need to just dig in, do the whole cost per wear thing, and just buy a pair! Of course, I was just looking at rain boots last week and was pondering about it. My snow boots are dead (sole no longer has much grip, if at all) and a good solid pair of rain boots should be able to work as snow boots.

I went to Bloomingdales in the mall on Friday and tried on these two pair of Hunter rain boots. The regular in Graphite ($115) and the Croc Boa version ($225).

Hunter Rainboots Wellies
Regular Hunter Rain Boots ($115) & Croc Boa Hunter Rain Boots ($225)

I have a soft spot for exotics and even though these were only croc-embossed, I liked them but just couldn’t quite justify spending that much upfront for a pair of rain/snow boots. My sister of course, being the devil that she is (not to mention a shoe-holic) proceeds to lecture me on cost per wear. Well, that is not new to me but somehow I just have a hard time paying that much upfront. I know, it is a mental hurdle!

In any case, the next day I receive an email from one of the high-end departmental stores on the new items from Burberry and since I had previously lusted after a pair of rain boots from them, I decided to take a peek. Ha, bad idea! I fell for their new rain boots.

Burberry Riding Rain Boots ($275)

Would you blame me, though? I have always had an affinity for equestrian boots and this pair just tugs at my heart strings upon first sight. Also, the loop on the top is just so stylish yet it can be a classic. Yes, I am a classic girl at heart through and through. Heh.So, what do I do? The cogs and wheels starts spinning in my head, plotting on how best to purchase a pair of high-end rain/snow boots for the least amount of money. Saks was naturally my first choice as I have a Mastercard with them which equates free shipping and there isn’t a store in DC which means I should be able to get it tax-free. Also, I have some points accumulated from my other credit card which I could easily convert to a gift certificate to Saks to help offset the retail price.Next, I went to the Saks website and oh, bother. I find another pair of rain boots from Givenchy that tugs at my heart strings. Bah! It is very similar to the pair of Burberry above.

Givenchy Tall Rain Boots ($250)

It has the same equestrian look similar to the pair of Burberry with the exception that the loop is right at the ankle, giving it a more classic look as compared to the pair of Burberry. However, the Burberry is made from washed leather while the Givenchy is made from rubber and there’s only a $25 price difference between them. Hmm..I think it is time to order both pairs and try them and perhaps decide from there. What do you think? Which pair do you favor? Input much appreciated!