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Wishing Wednesday… Alexander Wang Elsa Cuff Flats

Alexander Wang Elsa Cuff Flats in Black and Lapis $525


While perusing ShopBop’s site after receiving an email on the Spring Shopping Event (sale ends Feb 28, 2013!), I came across this beautiful pair of Alexander Wang Elsa Cuff Flats in Lapis. While I may not quite seem to get his bags, or rather the designs, I am definitely in favor of his shoes albeit mostly in heels (the Liya, Aminata and Emma comes to mind). I love the simple, minimalist yet unique design of his shoes. This pair of Elsa Cuff Flats quickly made it to my wishlist, and it’s the flats version of a cross between the Liya and Aminata. I envision myself wearing the Elsa Cuff Flats a lot and would likely purchase them in black (here) but I’ll gladly take both pairs at any given time! So, where do they keep the money trees these days? 😉

Which would you pick? Black or lapis blue?

Alexander Wang Elsa Cuff Flats in Black Alexander Wang Elsa Cuff Flats in Lapis Blue

More ZARA F/W Sales Loot!

Over the weekend, I picked up two more sale items when I went to return the pair of Alexander Wang Liya knock-off heels. As much as I love the heels, the pair that I received had scuffs on one of the front toe box and one of the heels. I had left them sitting in the box wondering if I should keep them and on the last day for returns, I finally decided to return them albeit a heavy heart. I’ve decided that I should only keep purchases that I will not have to worry about or regret about it months later. Thus, back it went.

Flaws on ZARA heels

I will admit that ZARA is my weakness and I can never leave the store without checking out what’s in store even if I do not plan on making any purchases. Heh. Well, I ended up picking up these two items on sale – ZARA Cross Over Jacket with Leather Lapels ($99) & ZARA TRF Draped Bird Print Dress ($25.99).

ZARA Draped Bird Print Dress and ZARA leather lapel biker jacket

ZARA Draped Bird Print Dress and ZARA leather lapel biker jacketZARA Cross Over Jacket with Leather Lapels $99

ZARA TRF Draped Bird Print DressZARA TRF Draped Bird Print Dress $25.99

As much as I like this jacket, I am wondering if I am overdoing the biker jacket trend since I had just bought the ZARA biker leather jacket here. There were only two left in the store, one of which happened to be my size but am I purchasing with my sale goggles on?

As for the bird print dress, I couldn’t resist the adorable print! Besides, I do not have any dress in a similar style and needless to say, the price was right, too. 😉 Now, to keep or return the jacket?! Your input is much appreciated! 🙂

ZARA Fall/Winter 2012 Sales Loot

It’s the time of the year where I actually do my ZARA shopping or rather purchases. Throughout the season, I would mentally prepare a wish list for their sales and when sales finally arrive, I would make purchases depending on how much the item is marked down.

ZARA Sales

Previously, I had posted about the padded shoulder leather jacket here and I was able to purchase one in the store, since my size was sold out online when I finally got to site. (I had tried to stay up since sales begin at midnight but fell asleep before that and when I was awake, it was long gone!) There was only one in my size in the store and I noticed that a stitch near the neckline is loose, but I bought it any way. Throughout the day, I was checking the site to see if my size would reappear and lo and behold, it did! I quickly placed an order and will promptly return the one I bought from the store, if the one I ordered online is in pristine condition. (here’s to hoping since online orders usually come straight from the warehouse whereas the store’s item has been tried on bazillion times!)

I also ordered up a pair of heels, the knock off to Alexander Wang’s Liya.

ZARA vs Alexander Wang LiyaZARA vs Alexander Wang Liya (Image via)

The only other item I wanted was the TRF blazer with zips but it was nowhere to be found online and at $69.90 in the store, I thought it was still too much, hence I passed. I will post an outfit pic with the leather jacket and the heels when it arrives!

ZARA TRF Blazer with ZipsZARA TRF blazer with zips

Will you be getting anything from the ZARA sales? Or perhaps if you did, what did you get? 🙂