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Neiman Marcus & Target – Holiday 24 Review

**UPDATE: Everything from the collaboration is marked 50% off! Happy Shopping here!**

I made a quick run to Target during lunch on Thursday as my colleague wanted to pick up some clothes from there for an interview. I was finally able to check out the items in person as I had placed my order online as mentioned here.

The store that I went to in Rockville, MD had everything in stock (in all sizes!) and following are some pics of the items.

Alice & Olivia BikeAlice & Olivia Bike $499

Judith Leiber Compact Mirrors Judith Leiber Compact Mirror $59.99

Jason Wu & Rodarte Ornaments, Proenza Schouler iPad CaseJason Wu ($49.99) & Rodarte ($19.99) ornaments, Proenza Schouler iPad Cases ($39.99)

The ornaments looked pretty and seemed well made. I however have no need for them as I do not have a Xmas tree up.

Tracy Reese Dessert Plates, Tory Burch Box, Derek Lam skateboard, Rag & Bone flaskRag & Bone shot glasses ($19.99), Rag & Bone flask $29.99, Tracy Reese plates $39.99, Tory Burch lunch box $19.99, Derek Lam skateboard $99.99

Rag & Bone flaskRag & Bone flask $29.99

Band of Outsiders cookie cutter, Tory Burch thermos, Tory Burch lunch box

Band of Outsiders cookie cutters $29.99, Tory Burch thermos $24.99, Tory Burch lunch box $19.99, Derek Lam skateboard $99.99

Oscar de la RentaOscar de la Renta tote $59.99

I originally thought the tote was faux leather based upon the stock pics but it turns out to be canvas. It’s a steep price to pay for a canvas bag that doesn’t really stand out, in my opinion.

Marchessa Girl Dresses Target Neiman MarcusMarchesa dresses for Girls – Beaded ($99.99) and Floral ($79.99)

Lela Rose lace top and dressLela Rose lace top ($69.99) and printed dress ($99.99)

Of the two items that I ordered, the Lela Rose lace top looked disappointing to me as the lace was only on the front and the underlay of the top was in a much darker beige than pictured. The material for the underlay felt sub-par, a little cheap for the price point. I was put off that I didn’t bother to try on the top in the store.

Robert Rodriguez Target Neiman Marcus lace dress model wornRobert Rodriguez Lace Dress $99.99

Close up of lace on Robert Rodriguez Close up of the lace on the Robert Rodriguez dress

The Robert Rodriguez lace dress looked promising but upon trying it on, there were few issues with it, one being that it was actually loose on me in size 2, the smallest size! 🙁 That aside, as I read from the reviews on Target’s site, the zipper does get stuck near the ribbon and it took a while for me to zip the dress. And last but not least, the area around the hip looks boxy (refer to my modeling pic). If not for those issues, I would gladly keep this dress when it arrives as it is well made with boning and a bra strap to secure the top. The lace is of good quality, and so is the lining. Unfortunately it will have to go back when I receive my package.

Well, all is not lost since I purchased the much raved about Tracy Reese dessert plates instead and was able to do that with a $10 gift card from a coupon that expires Dec 8. The plate is of good quality with substantial weight to it and it is rimmed in 18K gold.

Tracy Reese Neiman Marcus Target Holiday Dessert PlatesPackaging of Tracy Reese dessert plates

Tracy Resse Neiman Marcus Target Dessert Plates Interior of the packaging of Tracy Reese dessert plates

Tracy Reese Dessert Plates Neiman Marcus TargetTracy Reese dessert plates $39.99

Did you get anything from this collaboration?

Neiman Marcus & Target – Holiday 24

Designer collaborations are becoming a trend and only few catch my eye. For the Neiman Marcus & Target collaboration, of the 50 items, only these two items caught my eye and they’re en route to me!

Neiman Marcus Target Lela Rose Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez Lace Dress $99.99// Lela Rose Guipure Lace Top $69.99

I’m curious to examine the material which would warrant them a place in my wardrobe. Otherwise, back to the store it goes.

Will you be getting any of the 50 items? You can shop for them here and here. (Items seem to be selling quickly on Neiman’s site but Target still seem to have them.)


Shoe Shopping – Sam Edelman Trina & Felicia

On average, I buy at most 5 pairs of shoes in a year as I’m more into clothes than shoes. Thus, when I buy two pairs of shoes almost back to back, it’s a splurge! (although, not really in this case). I have in the past tried on Sam Edelman’s shoes, but could never quite justify the price and as such, I didn’t give it any more thought. However, when I saw the Trina on Chocolate Cookies & Candies’ blog post and later on Wendy’s Lookbook, I decided to order two pairs to try (black & nude). I ordered them from Neiman Marcus as it was one of the few places that still had the black Trina in my size.

Initially, I  was hesitant with the Trina as I thought the metallic heel looked tacky, but when I finally saw it in person, that definitely wasn’t the case. The metallic heel is actually very subtle and blends in very well with the gold hardware on the sandals.The in-sole is also well padded making it very comfortable. For retail at $100, they were still pretty expensive to me, but thanks to my American Express rewards, I was able to redeem a $50 Neiman Marcus gift card to fund the sandals.

Sam Edelman Trina in Black

It was also befitting as the pair of ZARA sandals that I have is already showing wear. I bought them on sale last Summer and I love the classic simple look of it. Alas, the back leather strap on the left sandal is already stretched out and I didn’t even wear them all that much!

ZARA Sandals

The other pair of shoes, the Felicia, a classic pair of ballet flats were purchased with the Nordies’ gift card which I received as posted here. I had retired my previous pair of gold ballet flats and have since been searching for a pair at a reasonable price. These were $59.90 on sale and it’s a total score when I didn’t have to pay a dime with the gift card!

Sam Edelman Felicia in Gold

Like the Trina, these are very well-padded as well and the slight rubberized back hugs the feet. They are quite comfortable by far, although I have yet to wear them out just yet. I plan on adding soles to the bottom for more grip and to make the flats lasts longer. The bare soles that I have noticed on Sam Edelman’s shoes are the only drawback by far. Otherwise, they are comfortable and well-made. Needless to say, I’m now officially a Sam Edelman convert!

Marc Jacobs: The Making of a Modern Classic

I have been meaning to post these videos from Neiman Marcus as a fan of Marc’s work. I love behind-the-scenes video like these that gives one a glimpse of all the hard work and labor that goes into designing and creating a product. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZCwVje-mNs&w=600&h=400]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy6vzHps7g0&w=600&h=400]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMx3VHeLgpU&w=600&h=400]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77szLSjVCvs&w=600&h=400]

A Black Box and Outfit for the Day

I went to pick up the little something that I purchased last week during a promotional event from Neiman Marcus and decided to wear one of the sundresses that I have. The main piece for the outfit was the dress and the rest just came along as I dressed up to head out.

Dress: Esprit
Blazer: ZARA
Skinny belt: H&M
Shoes: Banana Republic (Ebay find!)
Bag: Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Milk
Necklace: H&M and white gold necklace with star pendant
Bracelet: Forever 21 (the necklace that broke as mentioned in my previous post)
Pin: Thrifted as posted here

Curious to know what I picked up from the promotional event at Neiman’s? Its a black box!


That’s all I am posting for now. HAH! Yes, the frugalista in me splurged and indulged myself with a Chanel and I am totally doing this on purpose to keep you in suspense! Teehee.