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Travel – Fall Vacation: New York

My family (minus my brother) came to visit me in early October (in DC) before we adjourned our family vacation to New York and Paris. My brother was able to meet us in New York as he managed to request for his flight schedule to New York to be at the same time as we were visiting. (Yes, my brother is a commercial airline pilot.) We were there for 3 days before we departed to Paris (minus my brother as he flew back).

It rained almost the whole time while we were there and since we have all done all the touristy attractions, we stuck to a relaxing schedule of eating and shopping. It was however, the first time for us with the exception of my brother to visit Chelsea Market a chill place with restaurants and a few retail stores thrown into the mix. (WARNING: Picture heavy post!)

Chelsea Market New York Signs

Direction Board

Chelsea Market New York Clock

Clock in Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market New York Fall Pumpkin Decor

Chelsea Market New York Fall Pumpkin Decor

Fall Pumpkin Decor in Chelsea Market

We also went to Times Square as my mum wanted to snap some pictures. I’m only sharing two of which one is from last year’s Thanksgiving!

Times Square New York

New York Times Square Lion King

Times Square New York

Artsy shots of the subway on 49th Street…

New York Subway 49th Street

New York Subway 49th Street

…and of course, some delicious Korean food that we had in New Wonjo in Koreatown aka K-town. (I didn’t remember to snap pics of other meals that we had!)

Side dishes from New Wonjo in Koreatown

Side dishes while waiting for BBQ meat to arrive

Sundubu Jjigae New Wonjo Koreatown New York

Sundubu Jjigae with Mushroom

Food was delicious and service was good. I had never had Korean BBQ before and it was great to have that with my family as there were enough of us to order a variety of dishes to share! And, last but not least, here’s what I had with my bro last year around Thanksgiving…

Noodles from Pocha32 Koreatown New York

Seafood Stew from Pocha32

Okay, I’m officially hungry just from editing and posting this! I will have Paris pics up soon, I promise!

Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂

Quick Update

I’m finally back from vacation. It has been a vacation marred with unfortunate events.

1. I lost my phone shortly upon arrival in NYC. My sister had just bought the new Samsung Galaxy S3 for me. I realized it within 5 minutes but it was 5 minutes too late.

2. One of my parents nearly got pick-pocketed while on the Metro in Paris.
It was 3 girls who looked they were in high school but their attempt was foiled as Parisians on the platform saw what was happening and yelled at them. However, that didn’t stop the leader from staring at us and stuck her tongue out at us as she awaited to alight the train at the next stop with her fellow accomplices. A local proceeded to scold her but she yelled right back and spit at her as she was disembarking the train.

3. I’m rarely ill but culminating stress from work and colder temperatures coupled with rain in Paris proved to be the lethal combo as I caught a cold the 3rd day into our stay in Paris (I was in Paris for 5 days).

4. Finally, the most unfortunate of all, one of my parents got injured in an accident the day before we were scheduled to leave and had to be hospitalized to undergo surgery. This was during an activity I suggested and I saw it happened in slow motion but couldn’t do anything to prevent it. I also couldn’t be there on the day of the surgery as my flight was in the morning and the shuttle picked me up at 6.40am that day. The rest of my family is staying back till the end if the week.

With all that has happened, I am taking a short break from blogging and promise to return soon. (I will blog about the trip on a brighter note and my new acquisitions when I return.) In the meantime, I would deeply appreciate if you could keep my family in your thoughts and/or prayers.

Natalie Dee Will Return

Natalie Dee’s comic

**I will however still send out the H&M statement necklace to the lucky winner when the entries for the giveaway end this weekend.**

Street Style: Fashion Week

Since it has been raining not to mention misty and foggy today, I didn’t get a chance to snap my outfit pic for today. Thus, street style outfit pics to commence instead from fashion weeks!

Street Style New York Fashion Week S/S2013

Street Style New York Fashion Week S/S2013

New York Fashion Week

Street Style London Fashion Week S/S2013

Street Style London Fashion Week S/S 2013

London Fashion Week

Street Style Milan Fashion Week S/S 2013

Street Style Milan Fashion Week S/S 2013

Milan Fashion Week

Street Style Paris Fashion Week S/S 2013

Paris Fashion Week

Yes, each outfit that I selected resembles my style in one way or another! (No surprises there.)

Clam Bake/Surf & Turf

One of G’s uncles has an annual clam bake/surf and turf family event and I was invited to tag along this year. We took the Amtrak train up to New York early in the morning and arrived at his uncle’s place in the afternoon. Being the glutton that I am, I had a grand time stuffing myself with lots of seafood and it was nice to meet G’s relatives. Here’s some pics to share…

Lobster lights

The adorable lobster light decors

Lobster guardian

Lobster guarding the alcohol!

Lobster claw wine stoppers

Lobster claw wine stoppers

Butter lobster

Salad, hot dog, and of course lobster for main course (while waiting for the main course I had wolfed down one too many clams and jumbo shrimps & forgot to take pics of it!)

Fauxionable outfit - Polka Dot Dress Blazer Red Shoes Gold accessories

My outfit for the day sans Miss Sofia

  • Dress: White Circus (mentioned here)
  • Blazer: ZARA S/S 2009
  • Shoes: Banana Republic S/S 2006
  • Necklace: Forever 21 2008
  • Ring: YSL Clover Cluster Ring S/S 2011
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK 5384

We were supposed to spend the night in a hotel nearby but there was a snafu with our reservation. The hotel was overbooked and there were no rooms left for our reservation. Luckily, G’s relative who offered us a ride to the hotel took us in for the night! It worked out well since she lives in the city and we had plan on going into the city the next morning to walk around. I’ll blog about that in a separate post!