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Feature Friday: Keds & Kate Spade Collaboration

I recently came across the Keds & Kate Spade collaboration that’s to be released soon this month here. I love how Kate Spade is so fun and cheerful and only not too recently realized that it’s thanks to Deborah Lloyd, who was formerly with Banana Republic. That explains why I miss the good ‘ol fun prints at Banana Republic! Okay, I digress. 😛

Keds Kate Spade Collaboration Pointer Champion Stripes Dots Chevron Gingham

Keds Kate Spade Collaboration stripes, dots, ginghamKeds & Kate Spade collaboration

 Here are few of my favorite picks from this collaboration…

Keds Kate Spade Champion in GinghamChampion in Gingham $75

Keds Kate Spade Dots ChampionChampion in Dots $75

Keds Kate Spade Chevron Orange Champion in Orange Chevron $75

The collection will be sold at Keds, Kate Spade and Nordstrom (selected styles at each retailer) and prices range from $75 to $85. Keds has the collaboration up on their site here and here but no definite date on the launch as yet. I think I foresee a pair of Champion in Gingham in my shoe collection in the near future. 😉 Which is your favorite, if any?

Happy Friday! 🙂

Shoe Shopping – Sam Edelman Trina & Felicia

On average, I buy at most 5 pairs of shoes in a year as I’m more into clothes than shoes. Thus, when I buy two pairs of shoes almost back to back, it’s a splurge! (although, not really in this case). I have in the past tried on Sam Edelman’s shoes, but could never quite justify the price and as such, I didn’t give it any more thought. However, when I saw the Trina on Chocolate Cookies & Candies’ blog post and later on Wendy’s Lookbook, I decided to order two pairs to try (black & nude). I ordered them from Neiman Marcus as it was one of the few places that still had the black Trina in my size.

Initially, I  was hesitant with the Trina as I thought the metallic heel looked tacky, but when I finally saw it in person, that definitely wasn’t the case. The metallic heel is actually very subtle and blends in very well with the gold hardware on the sandals.The in-sole is also well padded making it very comfortable. For retail at $100, they were still pretty expensive to me, but thanks to my American Express rewards, I was able to redeem a $50 Neiman Marcus gift card to fund the sandals.

Sam Edelman Trina in Black

It was also befitting as the pair of ZARA sandals that I have is already showing wear. I bought them on sale last Summer and I love the classic simple look of it. Alas, the back leather strap on the left sandal is already stretched out and I didn’t even wear them all that much!

ZARA Sandals

The other pair of shoes, the Felicia, a classic pair of ballet flats were purchased with the Nordies’ gift card which I received as posted here. I had retired my previous pair of gold ballet flats and have since been searching for a pair at a reasonable price. These were $59.90 on sale and it’s a total score when I didn’t have to pay a dime with the gift card!

Sam Edelman Felicia in Gold

Like the Trina, these are very well-padded as well and the slight rubberized back hugs the feet. They are quite comfortable by far, although I have yet to wear them out just yet. I plan on adding soles to the bottom for more grip and to make the flats lasts longer. The bare soles that I have noticed on Sam Edelman’s shoes are the only drawback by far. Otherwise, they are comfortable and well-made. Needless to say, I’m now officially a Sam Edelman convert!

Nordstrom Gift Card & Saturday Dinner

I received an email from Nordstrom (aka Nordies) on Wednesday about their gift card gift away for their Anniversary Sale worth $10 to $200 and immediately suggested to G that we had to go to the mall on Friday to redeem it.

G said it is probably $10 while I was thinking perhaps $25 or at most $50. Regardless, I was intent on redeeming the gift card come Friday. Work ended up being really stressful on Friday not to mention that I had to stay late. When we made it to Nordies on Friday night, I  was eager to redeem the gift card hoping to be able to buy something small as retail therapy. It took a while for the sales associate to redeem the gift card for me, so I wandered around the accessories section while G waited patiently at the counter. When he called out to me to let me know of the amount, I was surprised but elated! While I did not strike the jackpot of $200, I was awarded a $100 gift card! Woohoo! The universe rewarded me for my crazy day at work with a hefty gift card!

Nordstrom $100 gift card

I walked around the store browsing to see if there was anything I had to have, but alas nothing since I wanted to spend it on something practical and/or a classic. I left the store empty-handed but I did make a purchase online when I return home later that night (which I will blog about in a separate post). Oh, the suspense! Heh.

That aside, I wanted to share the yummylicious dinner that we made on Saturday. Paleo chicken nuggets and stuffed chicken with pesto and cheese from Kalyn’s Kitchen. (We used the leftover mix we had from the chicken nuggets for the stuffed chicken.)

Chicken nuggets and stuffed chicken with pesto and cheese

G is on a semi-Paleo diet where grain-free meals are preferred. (Semi because he still eats non-Paleo on occasion, not on a strict 100% Paleo diet.) I have to say ever since he decided to be on this diet, we’ve been cooking and experimenting with a multitude of dishes which has been a lot of fun! Dinner was also accompanied by a super healthy shake of avocados, banana, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, and kiwi fruit. (My concoction!) We used chocolate almond milk as the base and it was lip-smacking delish! And oh, Wenlock the London Olympics mascot endorses our dinner because it was healthy and yummy! Meal fit for champions!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!