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Making of the Prada Double Bag – Video

I recently posted about the Prada Double Bag here and just came across this video that was released a day after my post. I also updated the previous post as it turns out that the internal divider is not detachable after all. (I should have known better, it’s purely aesthetic of a bag within a bag!)

I love watching the details in the video that wasn’t captured in pictures in the previous post. Enjoy!

Making of the Prada Double Bag

Prada Double Bag in BluettePrada Double Bag $2650/£1630

Newly launched on February 12, the Prada Double Bag caught my eye while I was browsing bags in Selfridges with a friend last week. The Double Bag is aptly named, as it is a bag within a bag. The internal divider with a flap pocket can be removed and used as a clutch. (Similar to Mulberry’s Willow Bag although designed differently.) (UPDATE: The internal divider sadly isn’t removable.) The Double Bag that I saw was a basic black which I thought, would make a good workhorse tote. The red interior lining adds a subtle dash of color for those who prefer neutrals without being overpowering. As a practical person, the weight of a bag is a high priority for me, and this Prada Double Bag is almost feather light despite the interior leather lining. The saffiano leather is also durable and wears well over time. Should you be interested, it comes in two sizes. There is however, a drawback as the handle strap won’t go over my shoulder when wearing a coat.

Like the bag-obsessed person that I am, I couldn’t help but look up more details upon reaching home. Here’s some pretty pictures that I came across on the making of the Double Bag. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. (Bag nerd, much?)

Anatomy of Double Bag

Prada Interior Flap Pocket

Stitching of Top Handle Prada

Stitching of Handles Prada

Prada Double Bag Button

Making of Prada Double Bag

The Double Bag comes in a rainbow of colors and you can view all the iterations here. Can I just add that I’d totally be counting pennies to purchase this bag if I was in the market for a basic durable black work tote? Alas…

Feature Friday: 3 Fashion Clips

Here are 3 short fashion clips that I came across recently and would love to share with you, my fellow readers.

The Cabat Retrospective

I have a Bottega Veneta Medium Veneta that I bought few years back but I barely used it. Watching this video reminded me of my bag and the quality craftsmanship of the brand. Sadly, I no longer use the bag even though it’s a classic in my books. It’s a case of wanting a bag and then coming to the realization that it isn’t what I thought it would be or fitting my lifestyle. 🙁 I have finally come to my senses and have listed it for sale here, should you be interested.

Art in Fashion

I’m usually not a huge fan of Roberto Cavalli but watching this has made me look more into the brand’s collection. That aside, as a frugal shopper, I can now truly appreciate the quality fabric of high end designers, although I am aware that not every brand/designer hand paints their fabrics. I know Hermes does, thus the price of their scarf as evidenced here. This is a case where I can understand part of the price comes with a reason, not just a designer name slapped on an item!

Prada Spring/Summer 2013 Advertising Campaign

Models are often faces without a voice and this Prada ad campaign was an excellent way to put a voice to a face, so to speak. I love Sasha Pivovarova back from her early days in modeling alongside Gemma Ward with their doll-faced features.

Happy Friday! 🙂

The Most Searched For Handbag Brands

According to the Luxury Society, handbags have become one of the most coveted items in luxury goods market.  The top 10 most searched handbag brands are as follows:

Top 10 Most Searched for Handbag Brands 2012

Quite frankly, I have to say that I am appalled that Coach is ranked no. 1 but at the same time, I can see how that is the case. While not entirely in the luxury category, it is still at a higher price point than regular bags, making it more “affordable” to those who covet to own a designer piece. Let’s just say I am not a fan of their bags even though the Fall/Winter 2012’s return to Legacy collection is a much better line than their monogram collection. (I am not a fan of monogram anything for the most part and tend to shy away from purchasing anything of that nature.)


Pic taken from Racked

Of the top 10 brands, I was expecting Hermes to be ranked higher and a little surprised that Celine didn’t make it to the list. The scarcity of the Luggage totes and Phantom bags has most fashionistas on waiting lists much like Hermes! I am not one of them though, as I am happy and content with my current capsule collection of bags. In fact, I just added one from one of the top 3. Can you guess which? (I will likely do a reveal when I receive it!)

Do you own any bags from the top 10 brands?