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To Keep or Not to Keep?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I’m mulling over whether to keep few items from the recent ZARA sales. The items in question are the Wool Dress and the High Waist Skirt which are both marked down almost 40%. While I like the dress, I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping even at the marked down price. (Champagne taste on a beer budget, much?) Caring for the dress however, is relatively fuss free as it can be machine washed. (The dress is made of 50% polyester, 21% viscose, 20% wool, 7% polyamide, and 2% elastane).

ZARA Wool Dress Fall/Winter 2013ZARA Wool Dress on sale £69.99/$129.99

ZARA Gray Wool Dress Front and Back Fall/Winter 2013

That aside, I’m also wondering if keeping the skirt would be the better way to go since it is more versatile. The drawback to the skirt however, is that there isn’t a zipper, so it isn’t the easiest to put on and take off! In addition to that, the skirt calls for hand wash (not my favorite thing to do!) as it is made of 69% polyester, 29% viscose and 2% elastane.

ZARA High waist gray circle skirt Fall/Winter 2013ZARA High Waist Skirt on sale £29.99/$49.99

So my dear readers, as I continue to ponder over which item to keep, I’d like to hear you chime in the comments below. Thank you!

Shopping haul from KL/Singapore

Here’s the shopping haul from my trip back to mother land in December/January. I bought 3 pairs of shoes – flats, sandals and a pair of pumps – a shirt dress, a trench coat, scarves, and a wrap-around skirt.

Faux snakeskin embossed bejeweled flats from Tangs

Shirt dress from G2000

The shoes and the shirt dress were purchased from Singapore. I was not able to take pics of the sandals and the pair of pumps for my battery died when I wanted to do so today, and by the time the battery was done charging, no more natural light. Just my luck! By the way, the purple shirt dress came with boring purple buttons which I did not fancy. I bought these gold vintage-looking buttons and replaced them instead. I know, trying to be a fauxionista and giving it my personal touch!

Trench coat from a local boutique in Bangsar, KL.
Close up of the embroidery on the coat
My sister and I went to the local boutiques around Bangsar area after our facials and as soon as we stepped into this boutique, she exclaimed that I had to buy this coat! Yes, without even asking to see if they have it in my size! Thankfully it was, and it fit my broad shoulders albeit a tad snug but whatever, I’ll survive. I wore it out once with a friend to Sephora to help her pick out some stuff and almost all the staff in the store complimented me on the coat! *beams*

Hand-painted silk scarves from Central Market

Batik wrap-around skirt from Central Market
I went to Central Market, our local handicraft market to pick up crafts for friends as gifts and ended up spending more on myself than my friends! Did I mention that I am a shopaholic with expensive taste on a beer budget? Heh.

Red dress from charity event

I didn’t purchase this dress but my sister did. She saw it at a charity event and decided to buy it for me as it was only SGD$10. It fits me like a glove and I am always happy to add more dresses to my wardrobe, so SCORE!

Marc Jacobs Swirl Paisley Scarf

Last but not least, my Marc Jacobs scarf which I patiently awaited for to go on sale. Yes, I missed out on the Cartoon Paisley scarf, but nonetheless this scarf is just as gorgeous and I paired this with the G2000 purple shirt dress to work and got plenty of compliments!I will try to snap pics of the other two pair of shoes tomorrow, should the weather permit (if there’s enough natural light!). This has been an entire week of work-from-home snowcation which equates less productivity at work. Heh.

Shopping Haul from End of 2009

I have some backlog of items that I bought which I did not post here on the blog, so now that I have my spanking brand new camera, here’s the goods! Heh.

First up is a black and white dress from Club Monaco, which was marked down from $199 to a little less than $40. The dress is 100% silk and I love it coz it’s in monochrome! Duh, like black and white is so totally me! It’s also cute and the price was just right for me.

Close up of bust area – pleats!

This next piece is from the Banana Republic Outlet, one of the pieces that I scored for 50% off during the Black Friday sales. I was only planning on picking up sweaters and cardigans for work, but hey, I am not one to resist a pretty dress on sale with the right price! Heh. Besides, its a gorgeous print, 100% silk, and I don’t have much in navy blue, so why not?

Inverted pleat sheath dress from Banana Republic

I had previously seen this dress on eBay but it wasn’t in my size. Randomly while I was looking for dresses, this piece was there, and lo and behold it was in my size! I was leaving for mother land when the auction was going to end, so I just entered an amount which I thought was reasonable and left it to the sniping software to do its job. End result? MINE! It’s such a dainty and feminine piece! Of course, this is also made of silk!

Polka dot dress from Armani Exchange
Now, the next piece is not from the end of 2009, but a piece that I feel that I just HAD to have. Yes, it’s none other than the pretty H&M skirt that I previously posted about here. It’s now part of my wardrobe!
Isn’t it pretty? Can’t wait to bust it out come Spring! Seriously, I am so done with Winter! Of course, there’s going to be yet another snowstorm tomorrow. Pfft.Okay, I will attempt to post pics of my haul from mother land tomorrow should my camera/laptop coorperates. Till then!