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Wishing Wednesday… Reed Krakoff Mini Atlantique

Reed Krakoff Black Mini Atlantique satchel

 Reed Krakoff Mini Atlantique in Black $1190

 I have recently been obsessing over Reed Krakoff’s Mini Atlantique satchel for its clean, minimalistic yet functional design. While the protruding flaps on the side may resemble Celine’s Luggage Tote or Phillip Lim 3.1’s Pashli, I think the Atlantique’s design is functional for it contains pockets instead of merely an aesthetic design. The Mini Atlantique is comparable in terms of size to Celine’s Micro Luggage and slightly bigger than the Phillip Lim 3.1 Mini Pashli (just by a teensy bit!). Perhaps my adoration also stems from the Mini Atlantique being less well-known, something which this article addresses. (I tend to prefer understated items where only like-minded individuals would recognize the item.)

It seems that I have recently been hankering for a black bag, a void in my capsule collection of bags. Sure, I have the Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Flat Case which I use regularly as a clutch and also the Chanel Reissue Wallet on Chain for my essentials but nothing that is medium sized to fit my essentials and my camera that has a messenger strap! The Soft Flap bag from Sophie Hulme sits on my wishlist but it’s now being contended by this number from Reed Krakoff!

Which would you pick – Soft Flap Bag or Mini Atlantique?

Wishing Wednesday…Sophie Hulme Soft Flap Bag

Sophie Hulme Soft Flap Bag in BlackSophie Hulme Soft Flap Bag

 I had some time to kill earlier while waiting to meet a friend so I stopped by at the Barney’s Co-op in Georgetown since it has been a while since I went in there. As usual, first thing of order was to check the bags in the store!

I finally got to see some of Sophie Hulme‘s bags in person after seeing them on blogs and on celeb sighting pics. Of all the bags, I was drawn to the Sophie Hulme Soft Flap Bag. I tried it on and I love that the bag was relatively light, as I have heard that the Tote Buckle Bag weighs quite a bit. The interior is lined with suede, much like my Bottega Veneta’s Medium Veneta and I love the clean and minimalistic design. My only gripe would be the thin straps that seems to be really popular with designers albeit completely impractical! The strap would definitely dig into one’s shoulder when the bag is being carried cross-body. (I am Miss Practical and strive to find stylish items without sacrificing comfort!)

Sadly, I wasn’t able to find much in terms of reviews for this bag but I think this would be a great addition to my bag collection! (Yes, it’s Wishing Wednesday after all!) Do you like the Soft Flap Bag?