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ZARA Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

ZARA’s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection is finally up on its website. I find the collection to be very Chloe-ish, if I may say so. Nonetheless, I am a fan of the earthy tones and the color palette that is used for this Spring/Summer collection.

Below are pics…

I am definitely loving the 4th, 6th and the 9th look from this collection. There is just something about a classic, crisp white shirt that oozes style and sensuality to me. Which is your favorite look from this collection? Do share!

Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace aka Fancy Trash Bags

Need I say more? Leave it to good ol’ Marc to poke some fun at Louis Vuitton! At $1960 for these fancy waterproof trash bags, I’d be better off buying something from Chanel or even something from Hermes!


Louis Vuitton S/S 2010 Besace $1960

I wonder who would purchase these. Like a fellow forum member said, she might just mistakenly throw them out as trash. Ain’t that the truth! Now hand me the money that you were going to pay for these fancy trash bags instead, whythankyouverymuch. Promise I’ll put them to better use!