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Belated Birthday Reveal!

I have been coveting this faux exotic item since the Spring/Summer 2012 accessories began trickling in November 2011. I couldn’t stop thinking about it but I couldn’t bring myself to pay full price for it either. I knew it would go on sale as it was a seasonal item but I also know many people seem to be coveting the same item as I am (or at least I thought so). I did my research (as with most of my major purchases) and finally pulled the trigger when I thought it was the best possible deal I could get.

For the first time ever, I shamelessly asked for contributions to my birthday fund for my coveted item. My sister and G were both very gracious and generous to chip in! I was able to get the item for a little over 30% off retail from Matches Fashion (they ship to US VAT-free and I was able to find a coupon) before my birthday and am mighty pleased to have this in my collection!

Without further ado…

The pretty box from Matches Fashion

The inner flap of the pretty box

The Mulberry Dust Bag

A peek

Another peek

Mulberry Alexa Silky Snake Nightshade Fullshot

Ta-da! The Mulbery Alexa Silky Snake in Nightshade S/S 2012 in all its glory!

Mulberry Alexa Silky Snake Nightshade Close up

Close-up front

Mulberry Alexa Silky Snake Nightshade Back


Mulberry Alexa Silky Snake Nightshade Details


Mulberry Alexa Silky Snake Nightshade in the shade

Another shot under the shade

Mulberry Alexa Silky Snake Nightshade and Pride Olympic 2012 London Mascott

Pride, the mascot for London Olympics approves of Alexa since they’re both British!

I received the Alexa at the end of April, a month early from my birthday but I didn’t take any pictures of it until now. I figured it’s befitting now with the London Olympics that just begun and Mulberry being a British brand! Also, better than late than never, right? Heh.

Modeling pics along with outfit pics…

Fauxionable Outfit - H&M Peacock Top, Mulberry Alexa Silky Snake in Nightshade, H&M necklace

  • Top: H&M S/S 2009 (as posted here)
  • Shorts: The Limited from TJ Maxx circa 2008
  • Bag: Mulberry Alexa Silky Snake in Nightshade S/S 2012
  • Sandals: ZARA S/S 2011
  • Hat: H&M 2012 (I took off the pink ribbon!)
  • Necklace: H&M 2011
  • Watch: Swatch circa 2000
  • Studded bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs Special Items 2009
  • Leather bracelet: H&M 2012
  • Beaded bracelet: H&M 2011

ZARA Spring/Summer 2012 Sales Loot

I was able to score most of the items that I patiently awaited for sales at the price that I am willing to pay for. No dresses this time around but I am adding 3 pretty tops to my wardrobe!

Embroidered top $39.90 (knock-off version of LV’s S/S 2012)

Tiered blouse $35.99

Peter Pan shirt $19.99

I was hoping that I would be able to find the polka dot silk shirt in my size on sale but alas, there were none in the store nor any to be found online.

Polka dot silk shirt

Oh well, I am happy with my sales loot and have no complaints (especially when someone plays Santa in July for one of the items!). I absolutely love the embroidered top and have received many compliments when I wore it for the first time. It is definitely a classic in my books!

What did you score from ZARA’s S/S 2012 sale, if any?