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New Year, New Clothes

Happy 2014! G and I rang in the new year watching fireworks from our flat by the Thames River. I know… we’re so wild that next year we should mix a scoop of caffeinated coffee in with decaf for the new year! 😉 2013 was a year filled with changes which allowed me to grow so much and I look forward to creating more joyous victories throughout 2014! How did you ring in the new year?

London 2014 fireworks from Thames RiverView of fireworks from our flat by the Thames River

It’s no secret that I love ZARA and come sale season is when I pull the trigger for the items that I’d been longing for throughout the year. Why pay retail when one can get it on sale for less? Some may say so that they can wear it while it’s in season but I’m a bargain hunter at heart with patience! 😛 Now that we’re in the UK, ZARA sales only begin on Boxing Day unlike in the US where they start before Xmas. I had saved items in my basket in hopes of nabbing them once the sale goes live at midnight, but alas, I was in dreamland by then. G and I braved the crowds on Boxing Day for my love of ZARA and I made out pretty good although I’m still deciding on two items. Perhaps I’ll write a post on that.

In the meantime, here’s my outfit for the new year in some of my new clothes. Okay, not everything is new but I love that the blazer is 100% lambswool which keeps me warm against the wind and rain. While I’ve resisted succumbing to the smoking slipper trend for the longest time (much like I did with printed pants), I guess I finally relented. In general, I also tend to shy away from patent leather preferring regular leather instead but how things have changed since moving to London! With the wet weather, I figured patent leather would be the way to go for shoes and I love this pair that I picked up on sale from ZARA.

ZARA sales wool blazer patent leather smoking slippers Chanel wallet on chain woc

ZARA wool blazer with elbow patches Fall Winter 2013

Chanel Reissue Wallet on Chain WOC petit H Hermes Micro Rivale Michael Kors MK5384 Cartier Trinity Ring

ZARA Patent Leather Slip-On Shoes Fall/Winter 2013

Fauxionable Outfit – Winter Basics

While I have trips and new additions to my wardrobe that I’d like to blog, I realize it’s been a long while since I’ve posted an outfit. To amend that, here’s an outfit on my Winter basics. The weather has been relatively balmy in London and I’m pleased to say the least! (Sorry, I know most of you in the US are dealing with a cold Winter!) I invested in a new coat during the Black Friday sales in anticipation of the cold but so far it’s been my shield against the wind rather than the cold (which is perfectly fine by me!)

Fauxionable Outfit - Winter Basics Stella McCartney Byrce Wool Coat, Chanel Wallet on Chain WOC, Rayban Wayfarer, True Religion Johnny

Stella Mcccartney Bryce Wool Coat, Hermes petit h, Kate Spade Brad Gorevski Bangle, J Crew Giraffe Charm Necklace

Have a good weekend!

Fauxionable Outfit – Polka Dots & Print

This was this past weekend’s outfit (yes, I wore the same outfit twice!) to run errands. I’m taking baby steps towards mixing prints (as mentioned here), and in this outfit, I relied on polka dots yet again, which I consider relatively neutral, mixing it with some splashes of yellow print for Spring.

Fauxionable Outfit - Polka Dots & Print

Fauxionable Outfit - Polka Dot & Print, leather biker jacket, hermes Kelly double tour, marc jacobs palais royal flat case

I also finally wore my Valentino Noir Rockstud this past weekend and was super careful so as not to scuff them! They didn’t require any breaking in and was fairly comfy for me. Now if only I get the pair of kitten heels as well…

Hope you’re having a good Monday! 🙂