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Fauxionable Outfit – What to Wear Where: Thanksgiving

Resuming from a short break, this week’s rendition of What to Wear Where is the Thanksgiving outfit. If you can’t already tell, I quite enjoy this series of W2WW link ups. I was almost a little sad when there was no schedule or announcement of the next link up and tweeted Melissa of I Pick Pretty about it! To my relief, it was going on a short hiatus and not gone forever. Phew. 😛

Enough rambling and here’s an outfit that I would wear for Thanksgiving… (and for more outfits, head to Amy of Forever29‘s blog)

Fauxionable Outfit - What to Wear Where: Thanksgiving

Fauxionable Outfit - What to Wear Where: Thanksgiving Accessories

In the recent years, I have been wearing sweater dresses to Thanksgiving dinner when invited but I think I will switch things up a little this year and wear something brighter i.e. the jacquard H&M dress that is worn as a skirt. The colors also match beautifully with the Adia Kibur sample stone bib necklace courtesy of their PR team.

What will you be wearing for Thanksgiving this year? Do share!

Fauxionable Outfit – Friday Fun!

A little yellow to welcome the start of the long weekend. Happy Friday!

Fauxionable Outfit - Friday Fun DvF for Gap Kids, H&M Statement Necklace, Chanel Reissue WOC wallet on chain

  • Top: DvF for Gap Kids Mar 2012
  • Shorts: ZARA S/S 2011
  • Shoes: Sam Edelman Trina 2012
  • Bag: Chanel Reissue Wallet on Chain F/W 2009
  • Necklace: H&M 2012 (Current)
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK 5384

This outfit is paired with a black cardigan (not shown) for casual Friday at work, since it’s always freezing cold in the office!

Also, I really like how a statement necklace can dress up an outfit . Thus, I’m taking part in Marionberry’s Trend of the Month Link-up: Statement Necklaces.

Fauxionable Outfit – One Top, Two Looks

I have received compliments on this embroidered flower top from ZARA each time I wore it, that it merits outfit pics. First, the dressier version…

Fauxionable Outfit - ZARA Embroidered Top Formal, Jason Wu Target Black Pleated Skirt

  • Top: ZARA S/S 2012 (as posted here)
  • Skirt: Jason Wu for Target (as posted here)
  • Shoes: ZARA S/S 2011
  • Bracelet: H&M 2012
  • Ring: Forever 21 circa 2008
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK5384

Followed by the more casual version…

Fauxionable Outfit - ZARA Embroidered Top Casual Bass Carla Ballet Flats

  • Top: ZARA S/S 2012
  • Shorts: H&M 2008
  • Shoes: Bass Carla in Stone (as posted here)
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK5384
  • Bracelet: Beaded necklace from Uganda (as posted here)
  • Ring: Forever 21 circa 2008

You’ll notice that I’m not carrying any bag as I absent-mindedly forgot to take it with me to shoot pics of my outfits. For the dressier version, I paired it with my Chanel WOC while the casual version was paired with my Marc Jacobs Palais Royale pouch.

Which look do you prefer? Thanks for reading!