Feature Friday: Her Waise Choice

Feature Friday Her Waise ChoiceJen Tam

Jen Tam, is the personal style blogger behind her waise choice from Vancouver. I discovered her blog back in 2010 from a Club Monaco giveaway tweet from the company itself. It came as a surprise when I discovered that I won one of the prizes (20% off discount) since I always enter giveaways for fun with no real hope of winning anything. 😉

I enjoy reading Jen’s blog as I can relate to her classic style. With her signature red-lip, pretty sun flared pictures, and writing that’s easy to read, you’d be suck into her blog in no time! (well, at least I was!) If you’re looking to build a classic wardrobe with signature pieces, I’d recommend checking out her waise choice. Enjoy and happy Friday! 🙂

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