Fauxionable Outfit – Summer Wedding Guest Outfit

I attended a friend’s wedding this past weekend and it was a simple yet beautiful wedding. I was busy  taking mental notes as my wedding will be at the same venue! The bride and groom offered to save their decor for me (sweet!) and a friend who helped out at the wedding kindly forwarded me the agenda/plan. Upon seeing all the details, I had a mini panic attack realizing that I have yet to decide on many of the things on the agenda! That my fellow readers, explains my absence as I’m currently working on finding a caterer along with deciding on the other food-related details.

In any case, here’s what I wore to the wedding. I decided to keep accessories to a minimum as the maxi dress had a beautiful print and beading around the neckline.

Fauxionable Outfit - Summer Wedding Guest Outfit anthropologie tropicalia maxi dress, chanel reissue wallet on chain, woc, hermes kelly double tour, snakeskin sandals, maxi dress, michael kors MK 5384

Are you attending (or attended) any weddings this Summer? If yes, what is (or was) your Summer wedding guest outfit?

8 thoughts on “Fauxionable Outfit – Summer Wedding Guest Outfit

  1. Katie

    What a gorgeous maxi dress! I love the pattern and the colors. Good luck planning the details of your wedding. We had a very small wedding, but even so certain aspects of the planning were stressful. The important thing is to just enjoy it!

    1. fauxionista Post author

      Thank you, Katie! We’re having a smallish wedding of 50-60 guests and I’m trying to keep everything simple! I’ll try to enjoy the process (although as soon as I mention the word wedding, the prices become gastronomical)!

  2. Nimue

    Oh I love maxi dresses for weedings! I attended a wedding in may and wore a maxi dress from Zara with a floral/bird print


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