Feature Friday: Shine by Three

Shine by Three Margaret Zhang Shine by Three is one of the blogs on the FELLT network, an exclusive network for Aussie fashion bloggers. In case you didn’t already know, FELLT network has helped blogs to move on to bigger, better things, e.g., Tuula Vintage and Gary Pepper Girl. Margaret Zhang, the blogger behind Shine by Three wears many hats like most bloggers do. She’s a full-time Law student aside from being a blogger, fashion director and Harper’s Bazaar contributor for Australia. She’s young (only 20!) and talented. I discovered her blog earlier this year when I came across one of her street style pictures during Fashion Week. I have since been hooked to her blog as Margaret is not only a talented writer, but she also takes great pictures. Proof? Most of her outfit shots are taken using a timer on her camera with the help of a tripod! (The picture above being one example.) Yes, I’m envious and her dance background doesn’t hurt in enabling her to pose fluidly with movement. Her training in Law also enables her to write succinctly and her writing is  peppered with humor, showcasing her personality. Well, head on over to her blog and be mesmerized! 😉 Happy Friday!

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