Feature Friday: Unfancy

6 Ways to Wear Your Striped Dress

Of late, I have been a tad obsessive with paring down my clothes. (I have started taking inventory of my clothes!) You know something is wrong when I only bought THREE items from ZARA’s Summer sale since I usually pick up quite a few things during their sales. (In case you’re wondering, I bought an open back knit top and two pairs of opaque tights from the sales.) I have been moving towards minimalism and am tempted by the idea of a capsule collection/wardrobe. While I am far from achieving a minimalist wardrobe, I have been quite inspired by Unfancy, a blog on a minimalist wardrobe.

Caroline, the photographer/blogger behind Unfancy shares her daily unfancy outfits consisting of items from her capsule wardrobe. She shares what is a capsule wardrobe, how to build one, and various other tips on her blog. I find her outfits to be simple and refreshing, perhaps a backlash to the majority of personal style bloggers that favor consumption and overlayering/stacking. If you, like me, are seeking inspiration from minimalism, do head over to her blog.

Have a good weekend!

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