The moniker Fauxionista was created by nicking a girlfriend’s moniker – Faux Fashionista. Heh.

Who is Fauxionista?

Fauxionista was born and bred in Malaysia for the first two decades of her life. She then moved to the US to complete her studies and eventually worked there. While there, she met G and she currently lives in London, UK. Fauxionista has expensive taste and is invariably drawn to beautiful things with a hefty price tag. However, she is frugal at heart and is too sensible to indulge in the luxurious things that make her heart flutter – with the exception of handbags! (Blame her sister!)

What is this blog, Fauxionista about?

Fauxionista.com is an outlet to share topics on fashion, food, travel and photography.

Note: For reference purposes, Fauxionista is 5’8″ and wears XS/S or a size 0 (depending on the brand).

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