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Mid-week thoughts…

While I continue to edit pictures from our day trip to Montserrat, I wanted to share a few thoughts. As mentioned in a previous post, I have been working on paring down my closet and as a result have become even more aware of my consumption. While I am no saint, I have not had much inkling for clothes shopping of late. Instead, I have started to explore accessories, namely jewelry and watches (although I have yet to make any purchase!). Learning how to sew has also made me more aware of fit and the quality of a garment, both of which makes me even pickier to clothes shopping!

I digress, as I wanted to share a few articles that I found interesting. Like most, I enjoy bargain shopping but this article has enlightened me to the reality of discount and outlet stores. While I have always known that outlet stores like Banana Republic Factory Outlet and J.Crew outlet’s items are produced for the stores, the real eye opener was discounted retailers such as TJ Maxx.

The tragedy of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh shone an unfavorable light on fast fashion and consumption last year. This article continues to share on the lack of accountability of high street/fast fashion brands, making me rethink about purchasing from the brands mentioned.

Meanwhile, on the luxury end of consumption, this article is hardly surprising to me. Perhaps I should join the bandwagon? 😉

Fauxionable Outift – Weekend Lunch Date

For over two months, G was commuting on a weekly basis to Netherlands for work that we would only see each other on the weekends. While I tend to throw a pair of pants and a top when we go out during the weekends, I decided to dress up a bit for one of our weekend lunch dates at that time.

I have had this top since forever (14 years?) that I can’t seem to part with.  (What’s not to love about Peter Pan collars?!) I’m also glad that I decided to alter the original cocktail dress into this skirt since I have been able to wear it more often than I ever wore the dress (see here).

Do you tend to dress up or down for weekend dates? 🙂

Feature Friday: Unfancy

6 Ways to Wear Your Striped Dress

Of late, I have been a tad obsessive with paring down my clothes. (I have started taking inventory of my clothes!) You know something is wrong when I only bought THREE items from ZARA’s Summer sale since I usually pick up quite a few things during their sales. (In case you’re wondering, I bought an open back knit top and two pairs of opaque tights from the sales.) I have been moving towards minimalism and am tempted by the idea of a capsule collection/wardrobe. While I am far from achieving a minimalist wardrobe, I have been quite inspired by Unfancy, a blog on a minimalist wardrobe.

Caroline, the photographer/blogger behind Unfancy shares her daily unfancy outfits consisting of items from her capsule wardrobe. She shares what is a capsule wardrobe, how to build one, and various other tips on her blog. I find her outfits to be simple and refreshing, perhaps a backlash to the majority of personal style bloggers that favor consumption and overlayering/stacking. If you, like me, are seeking inspiration from minimalism, do head over to her blog.

Have a good weekend!

Fauxionable Outfit – Vintage Scarves Top

A month flew by since my last post and I have been plagued by issues with computers! My personal laptop won’t allow me to log in although I typed in the correct password, so I was using G’s spare laptop until it decided to go crazy on me. G has since fixed my personal laptop thankfully, but most of my pictures were on his laptop. It’s been a fun ordeal but almost everything is sorted now although I no longer have access to Photoshop just as I was getting back into the groove. Harumph! Well, G reckons a new laptop is in the horizon.

On a happier note, I have been practicing my sewing and I have since upcycled a dress into a peplum top, sewed a top out of vintage scarves, and hemmed G’s jeans into shorts. The first two were done with help from my instructors in class, since I’m still a newbie. I have also made some cushion covers as my first sewing project. I recently wore the top I made from vintage scarves out to lunch with G,which is the highlight of this outfit.

Top: DIY (Pattern by Stitchless Tree)

Now that my computer troubles are (almost) resolved, I’m hoping to resume editing pictures from my trip to Barcelona and Menorca. Stay tuned!

Fauxionable Outfit – On Repeat

Today’s outfit is a repeat that was posted here. Although I wore the same outfit, I opted for different accessories that were a little more understated and versatile since I was traveling. I wore this on my second day in Barcelona and the blazer kept me warm in the cooler morning and evenings. Excuse my silly grins as I was just happy that I was finally in Spain after longing to visit for eons (okay, make that 8 years)!