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Wishing Wednesday… Burberry Bespoke

It’s been a while since I last did a Wishing Wednesday post! I’ve been working on culling my wardrobe since my move from across the pond and I’m slowly trying to assess what, if any items do I need. While today’s post isn’t so much about a need, it’s definitely a want even though I do have a trusty trench coat. Check out the clip below (if you’re on the home page you may need to click the post title to see the movie player):

I must have been living under a rock, for I only recently discovered Burberry’s Bespoke trench coats. (They were launched in November 2011.) The name however, is misleading since it’s customized and not really made from scratch per se.

Burberry Bespoke Trench CoatMy personalized Burberry Bespoke trench coat

On Burberry’s website, one can choose to customized their very own Burberry Bespoke trench coat.  There are six designs to choose from, of which one can then customize the length, fabric, color, lining, collar, buttons, belt, and monogram. Each additional item has a different price which is tallied to the total as one goes through the various customizations.

Customized lining for Burberry Bespoke Trench CoatRed Cashmere Lining

For my Burberry Bespoke trench coat, I would chose the Kensington style in longer length with a detachable warmer lining in red cashmere. The detachable lining would be a great add-on as I can then wear this coat even during rainy days, which is aplenty here in London!

Monogram initial for Burberry Bespoke trench coat

I would keep the rest as is and would only add my last name as initials for monogram. The trench coat however, is still far from perfect for me as I would ideally like a detachable hood. Yes, I love hoodies and they’re totally functional to me! Alas, folks at Burberry probably thinks it takes away from their classic trench coat, making it less classy. Oh well, a girl can dream… 😉

Making of the Prada Double Bag

Prada Double Bag in BluettePrada Double Bag $2650/£1630

Newly launched on February 12, the Prada Double Bag caught my eye while I was browsing bags in Selfridges with a friend last week. The Double Bag is aptly named, as it is a bag within a bag. The internal divider with a flap pocket can be removed and used as a clutch. (Similar to Mulberry’s Willow Bag although designed differently.) (UPDATE: The internal divider sadly isn’t removable.) The Double Bag that I saw was a basic black which I thought, would make a good workhorse tote. The red interior lining adds a subtle dash of color for those who prefer neutrals without being overpowering. As a practical person, the weight of a bag is a high priority for me, and this Prada Double Bag is almost feather light despite the interior leather lining. The saffiano leather is also durable and wears well over time. Should you be interested, it comes in two sizes. There is however, a drawback as the handle strap won’t go over my shoulder when wearing a coat.

Like the bag-obsessed person that I am, I couldn’t help but look up more details upon reaching home. Here’s some pretty pictures that I came across on the making of the Double Bag. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. (Bag nerd, much?)

Anatomy of Double Bag

Prada Interior Flap Pocket

Stitching of Top Handle Prada

Stitching of Handles Prada

Prada Double Bag Button

Making of Prada Double Bag

The Double Bag comes in a rainbow of colors and you can view all the iterations here. Can I just add that I’d totally be counting pennies to purchase this bag if I was in the market for a basic durable black work tote? Alas…

Review: Peter Pilotto for Target

While I found most of the prints for the Peter Pilotto for Target collaboration a little dizzy, there were a select few pieces that caught my attention. Of the 60 odd items, the 3 pieces in the monochrome were the most interesting to me. (What a surprise, right? 😉 )

Peter Pilotto for Target black white green netting printMy Peter Pilotto for Target picks – Black/White Rash Guard, Black/White Skirt, and Beach Towel

I was quite taken aback with the one-to-one dollar to pound conversion for prices of the items on Net-a-Porter (NAP) for those outside of the US. They also didn’t carry the full collection like Target and likely stocked less pieces too. I ended up ordering from both, Target and NAP in order to obtain the 3 items that I wanted. I would’ve preferred to be able to order from Target for the price difference but sadly the beach towel was already sold out. While I was able to order the rash guard and beach towel from NAP, the wrap skirt was sold out, so this review is for the beach towel and the rash guard. (I won’t receive the skirt till next month as it’s in the US.)

As G and I will be going on an island vacation in May, I wanted a better beach towel than the current ones we have. The beach towel came nicely packaged in NAP‘s dust bag. While the print is nicer than our current beach towel, the quality was the same, which was disappointing. (I was hoping for a thicker material!) For $25, I was expecting the quality to be a little better but alas, I guess one is merely paying for the print of the towel in this collaboration. For reference, the towel is made from 100% cotton and measures 62″ (158cm) by 35″ (89cm). (It’s currently sold out on both sites but if you add it to your Wish List on NAP, they’ll send you an email when they receive a return)

Net-a-Porter dust bag for the Peter Pilotto for Target beach towel

Peter Pilotto for Target Printed Cotton Terry Beach Towel

Peter Pilotto for Target Printed Cotton Terry Beach TowelPrinted Cotton-Terry Beach Towel $25/£25

I had high hopes for the rash guard as I love the mix of print which was less busy than the other items and it was a unique item (Peter Pilotto doesn’t carry swimwear in their main line). I’m also a sucker for open back tops, so I had to buy it! I ordered both the XS and S to try and the sizing fell short of my expectations. The XS was too short on me while the S was too loose on me. Sigh. 🙁 For reference the XS measures 20″ in length, 14.5″ from underarm side to side, and 25″ for its sleeves. The S in contrast measures 21.5″ in length, 15.5″ from underarm side to side, and 26″ for its sleeves. Kindly note the extra inch of fabric on the S as compared to the XS in terms of fit resulting in a gaping open back! (I’m pinching the extra fabric in the modeling pic below.)

Peter Pilotto for Target rash guardBlack/White Print Rash Guard $30/£30 in Extra Small

Peter Pilotto for Target Rash Guard SmallBlack/White Print Rash Guard $30/£30 in Small

Close up detail of rash guard and beach towel

Close Up Detail back of the Peter Pilotto for Target rash guardClose up detail shots of the rash guard front and back

As much as I love the rash guard, it looks like I’ll have to return them with a heavy heart. While I would like to think that the S can be altered to fit, I’m not sure if it’s worth the cost and if it’s even possible due to the design, i.e. open back. Suffice to say, my package will be returned to NAP just as I received it. Boo! Did you buy anything from this collaboration? What are your thoughts?

Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle

Kate Spade Goreski Glasses BangleKate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle

While my style tends to veer towards the simplistic classic lines, accessories are way for me to inject some fun and whimsy to my outfits. I spotted this Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle under its new arrival items and patiently awaited for a sale or coupon to purchase it. At 25% off with a coupon, the price was still a little higher than what I wanted to pay but I eventually justified the purchase with the novelty of the item. I was right, for people have also taken note of it whenever I’ve worn the bangle and I’ve received compliments or had others asking me where I bought it.

Price aside, I bought the bangle because the reviews on the site said it runs small. As I have tiny wrists, it’s difficult to find bangles that won’t slip right off my wrist! The Goreski Glasses Bangle has a diameter of 2.25″ which is considered small as most bangles have a diameter of 2.5″. With wrists with approximate diameter of 1.75″, the bangle doesn’t exactly fit snugly but it also doesn’t rotate too much when worn (partially due to the design). The magnetic hinge and a metal clasp help to keep the bangle fastened securely.

Metal clasp Kate Spade Goreski BangleMetal Clasp on the Underside

Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle Worn ModelThe Bangle Worn on my Tiny Wrist

While the retail price of $78 is a bit too high for my beer budget, a coupon or sale makes the price much more palatable. I’ve had this bangle since November and it has held up pretty well by far. Granted, I’m not wearing it on a daily basis, but I do wear it quite frequently. If you, like me, have tiny wrists, you would definitely want to consider adding this bangle to your collection. Bangles that fit tiny wrists are few and far between (This is the only bangle I own!) Besides, the only bracelets that I’ve found to fit snugly are the Hermes leather bracelets in XS and those are occasional champagnes to be had. (FYI, the fit of this bangle is similar to my Hermes Kelly Double Tour in S although that rotates far more than this due to the design and the material.)

New Year, New Clothes

Happy 2014! G and I rang in the new year watching fireworks from our flat by the Thames River. I know… we’re so wild that next year we should mix a scoop of caffeinated coffee in with decaf for the new year! 😉 2013 was a year filled with changes which allowed me to grow so much and I look forward to creating more joyous victories throughout 2014! How did you ring in the new year?

London 2014 fireworks from Thames RiverView of fireworks from our flat by the Thames River

It’s no secret that I love ZARA and come sale season is when I pull the trigger for the items that I’d been longing for throughout the year. Why pay retail when one can get it on sale for less? Some may say so that they can wear it while it’s in season but I’m a bargain hunter at heart with patience! 😛 Now that we’re in the UK, ZARA sales only begin on Boxing Day unlike in the US where they start before Xmas. I had saved items in my basket in hopes of nabbing them once the sale goes live at midnight, but alas, I was in dreamland by then. G and I braved the crowds on Boxing Day for my love of ZARA and I made out pretty good although I’m still deciding on two items. Perhaps I’ll write a post on that.

In the meantime, here’s my outfit for the new year in some of my new clothes. Okay, not everything is new but I love that the blazer is 100% lambswool which keeps me warm against the wind and rain. While I’ve resisted succumbing to the smoking slipper trend for the longest time (much like I did with printed pants), I guess I finally relented. In general, I also tend to shy away from patent leather preferring regular leather instead but how things have changed since moving to London! With the wet weather, I figured patent leather would be the way to go for shoes and I love this pair that I picked up on sale from ZARA.

ZARA sales wool blazer patent leather smoking slippers Chanel wallet on chain woc

ZARA wool blazer with elbow patches Fall Winter 2013

Chanel Reissue Wallet on Chain WOC petit H Hermes Micro Rivale Michael Kors MK5384 Cartier Trinity Ring

ZARA Patent Leather Slip-On Shoes Fall/Winter 2013